Brooklyn Rapper Action Bronson outraged many when he posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head.” When people complained, he tweeted  “I don’t hate anyone. I like to laugh. He/She should be ashamed of He/She Self for giving y’all a bad wrap.ind u it was laying on the floor.” In another tweet he advised his victim “If u DONT wanna get pissed on spit on and put on Instagram DONT GET DRUNK TO THE POINT U CANT STAND OR TALK.” Classy. [AllHipHop]

A new resolution in the House of Representatives would make it illegal to discriminate against potential jurors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. “The fact that it is still lawful for lawyers to dismiss potential jurors solely on the basis of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is wrong and has to change,” said Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ) who introduced HR 5848. “Until the 20th century, women in many states were barred from serving on juries and it was not until the 1980s that prosecutors were prohibited from systematically excluding African-Americans from juries. It is past time for America to take the next step against bigotry and inequality and pass the Juror Non-Discrimination Act.” [Steve Rothman]

Cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis partook in a longstanding tradition when they shimmied up a greasy monument to snatch the elusive Plebeian’s Hat. It’s really, really, really hot.  [Buzzfeed]

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is looking for a talented artist to design a new official condom for the City of Angels. The top ten designs for the LA’s Next Sex Symbol contest will appear on a million-and-one condoms that will be distributed throughout the city by the end of the year. Winners will be announced June 27. [].

Speaking of really hot guys, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian 2012, Zachary Koval, is smoldering, cruelty-free—and gay. “No animals were harmed in the making of this body. I love the feeling that I’m doing good—for myself, for animals, and for the planet—with every meal. I feel alive and healthy and rarely get sick,” says Koval (below). [Bilerico Project]

Photos: Action Bronson, PETA, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

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