What were some of the biggest headlines and news stories about the gay community this year? There were many important happenings this year. Here are our top So Gay! picks.

5. Hangings In Iran. It’s tough enough being openly gay in this world. But we can’t even begin to imagine living in a country where people are publicly executed for being gay. Absolutely revolting.

4. Sheryl Swoopes’ Coming Out. The bitch was so cool this year that she made not one but two of our So Gay! lists. No one in pro sports as popular as the WNBA’s Swoops has had the courage to come out of the closet while still an active player. We hope this is the start of a long overdue trend.

sheryl swoopes

3. Schwarzenegger Same-Sex Marriage Bill Veto. Oh that Arnie. As seen as he found out about it, the former homo boy toy announced he would veto the bill that would have legalized gay marriage in California, the country’s most populated state. His follow through instantly disappointed committed queers in GLBT meccas San Francisco, Palm Springs, and LA. Guess who is up for re-election next year?

2. Vatican Ban On Gays. Though employing God only knows how many gays, the Catholic Church this year decided it wanted them banned from the Priesthood. The directive came out under newbie Pope Benedict. Why the need for the document? Because only gays abuse little boys, silly! Get rid of them and bammo! Problem solved. Well, not really.

two grooms

1. Marriage and Civil Unions. Though not very gay-friendly countries like Poland and Latvia have recently amended their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage and even canceled pride marches, lots of countries have taken the, um, less dark ages route. 2005 saw fags marrying in Spain and, just this week, civil unions became legal in the UK, finally allowing the world to witness blushing bride Elton John get hitched.

This year also saw New England continue its progressive attitude with Connecticut becoming the third state to allow for either marriage or civil unions.

But next year could truly be a banner year for gay weddings. Things are already in motion for legal unions in South Africa, The Czech Republic, and Arnie’s home country, Austria.

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