Nine of the hottest, queer, erotic artists to follow

L-R: Images by Astra Zero, Jose Flores (Pastel Papi) and Ryan J Stephens

Queer artists are flourishing on Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, and other platforms. Check out nine from around the world… and see their social media accounts for more explicit material than we’re able to show here.

Astra Zero

Astra Zero
Image: @AstraZero

Do you have a thing for hunky zombies, twisted superheroes and emo muscle boys? If so, you’re sure to find much to enjoy in Astra Zero’s (@astrazero on Instagram) artwork, which has evolved from comic book-style zombie hunks to spookily realistic, 3D renderings. Asked to describe his output, he sums it up as “sexually charged, sci-fi, queer, gothic pop”. Based in British Columbia, Canada, he produces a wide range of merchandise and, when not drawing, is also an impressive indie-rock musician.

Image: @AstraZero

Cauro Hige

(Image: @caurohige)

Cauro Hige (@caurohige) is a Japanese-born artist who loves to draw big and beefy, hypermasculine men. He grew up in Osaka, Japan, and studied Psychology at Kyoto University, before relocating to Spain a few years ago to work full-time as an artist and graphic designer.

“I’m happy when my art becomes a trigger for the viewers to stretch their imagination or to remember someone or something,” he tells Queerty.

(Image: @caurohige)

Miguel Hernan D.

Romeo (Image: Miguel Hernan D/@mig_hd)

Based in the Pacific Northwest, queer, Chicano artist Miguel Hernan D. (@mig_hd on Instagram) has been commercially selling work for the last couple of years. His dream-like figures often appear to float in their own ethereal world.

“My work celebrates the brown queer boy, the male form and LGBTQ culture,” he told Queerty. “My main reason for creating illustrative work is to give visibility to people who look like me, representation matters. Through the years I never saw myself reflected in art across social media. Instead of longing, I decided I could affect change and give voice to people who look like me – Chicanos, Latinos and brown men of every ethnic background.”

(Image: Miguel Hernan D/@mig_hd)


(Image: @Noxsatvrn)

Noxsatvrn (@Noxsatvrn on Instagram) comes from a small town in Muslim-majority Indonesia, but keeps further details about his identity private because of his country’s “conservative and homophobic environment.” However, he thankfully channels his sexuality into his art, which mixes commissioned portraiture with gothic fantasy and romanticism. He works mostly in ink and watercolor, and like many of the other artists featured here, is open to commissions.

A detail from Leucopsar Rothschildi // Dysloxum Densiflorum (Image: @Noxsatvrn)

Pastel Papi

(Image: @pastelpapi)

Pastel Papi (@PastelPapi) is the artist’s name for California-based Jose Flores. He lives in Rancho Cucamonga and produces his work digitally. “My account is heavily devoted to latin men of color and I guess I’ve made that pretty obvious,” he told GayStarNews in 2018. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to the type of men I draw, though my taste in men has been known to vary over the years.”

(Image: @pastelpapi)


(Image: @albron111)

Alex Bronnings, otherwise known by his professional name, Albron (@albron111), is a French illustrator and computer artist is picking up a big following with his incredible images of muscle-bound guys. He posts censored images to his social media, but unclothed versions can usually be found on his Patreon page for subscribers.

“I’ve always been attracted by big guys. My characters are cartoonish; they are exaggerations of that fantasy,” he says. “Being sexy is not just about having a great body; it’s a whole attitude. And I like guys with personality, and especially when they are funny. That’s why my men are mostly smiling and look like nice guys!”

(Image: @albron111)

Dante Amoretto

(Image: @danteamoretto_)

Dante Amoretto (@danteamoretto_) is the nickname of this Copenhagen-based artist. He’s been producing his gay erotic art for the past three years and is open to commissions.

“I do traditional sketches with watercolor pencils, and I use Photoshop mostly for digital art and color pieces.”

A man licks his armpit
(Image: @danteamoretto)

Ryan J. Stephens

‘Glasses and Braids’ (detail), by Ryan J. Stephens

Ryan J. Stephens (@ryantheart on Instagram) is a digital illustrator and erotic artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. His work, which is gaining a sizeable following, is digitally rendered with traditional techniques that mimic gouache and colored pencil.

“I make illustrations of men of all shapes, sizes, and colors,” he tells Queerty. “I describe the male figure as something that is diverse and to show a wide range of what men can look like. My artwork depicts the variety of what men can be; not just masculine. Men can also be soft, vulnerable, and passionate too.”

‘Nipple tug’ by Ryan J. Stephens


A South Asian man holds a candle
Image: @axeishguy

Axeishguy (@axeishguy on Instagram and Patreon) was raised in India but now lives between San Francisco and San Antonio right now. He’s been creating art using Procreate and his iPad since 2016 as a hobby.

“I draw artwork to show the gay sensual diverse part of the world focusing on South Asian group and leather group. My art is a safe space for what I personally feel I belong to.”

Two south asian men kiss
Image: @axeishguy
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