No Go On Judge Ito

Those The Advocate accountants sure do have a sense of humor. The fag rag’s accounts payable honcho Jeff Lee played a trick on TMZ the other night.

As the gossip site’s camera’s swarmed The Advocate‘s 40th anniversary party, Lee pretended to be Judge Lance Ito of OJ Simpson murder trial fame. Says Lee:

At first I thought they just wanted to take photos of celebrities. Then after a while, I thought they were interested in getting an opinion poll. But then I heard one mention ‘Judge Ito’ and it just clicked in.

Yeah, sometimes it takes us to realize which other Asian person we’re being mistaken for, too.

After posting the video, in which Lee says Simpson’s “guilty as sin” of kidnapping et al, TMZ clarified that Judge Ito did not, in fact, attend The Advocate‘s party. Nor does Ito think Simpson’s guilty as sin. Not that we know of at least.

As for Lee, he looks forward to playing a young Pat Morita.