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Noah Purvis speaks out after being dumped from TV’s Love Island


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Former Love Island contestant Noah Purvis has broken his silence after being dumped from the show over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram, Purvis posted an illustration of a crowd of multi-racial figures. The accompanying caption read, “OHANA means family… FAMILY means no one gets left behind or forgotten. All of you out here have made me feel this and I can’t express how loved I feel for the first time in my life. 😢❤🙏”

He followed this with a string of hashtags: #love #together #family #one #united #sad #sadness #feelings #people #news #cometogether #greatfull #emotion #story #storytime #share #voice #itstime #change #inspiration #motivation #changeiscoming #leader #strong #speakup #voice #corruption #used #forgotten #bullied #equality

Ohana is a Hawaiian term often used to signify extended families, beyond just blood-relatives.

Purvis’ caption did not address the reasons why he had been axed from the show. They also did not confirm or deny his previous, alleged work as an adult film star.

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Purvis made his debut in the latest series of the show, which aired September 17. CBS produces the US version of the hit, British reality show, in which a dozen model-like men and women are sent off to a sun-kissed island in the hopes romance will spark.

However, viewers quickly noticed Purvis did not feature on Sunday’s episode. His bio – which previously listed him as a home healthcare provider whose hobbies included bodybuilding and making YouTube videos – had also been removed from the show’s website.

Following his debut on the show, some fans had been quick to point out Purvis bore a remarkable (i.e. identical) resemblance to an adult entertainer named Ethan.

‘Ethan’ has made several man-on-man movies for the gay adult entertainment company Corbin Fisher. The studio itself took to Instagram to proudly say that Noah was one of its former stars. After Purvis was dumped, the studio went on to blast CBS and assert there’s nothing wrong with male sex work.

On Monday, CBS and ITV America, which produces the show, released a statement saying, “‘It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement. He has been removed from the show.”

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Purvis’ followers were quick to show empathy to his latest words.

“You shouldn’t be judged or ostracized for the choices you’ve made, however, I can understand how not being honest upfront led to what happened. Stand in your own truth because you should not be ashamed,” said one.

“Everyone has a past. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. Don’t let others bring and tear you down. Your voice and story deserves to be heard. Keep being beautiful and amazing. Keep your head up because this earth deserves to see you showing off your beautiful smile,” said another.