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NOM Is Thrilled With HRC’s New Website ‘Exposing’ Them

“Gee,” writes National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown about HRC’s new website, “they’ve discovered that NOM is a coalition of people of diverse religious views who believe gay marriage will hurt marriage as a social institution. They didn’t need a whole website to ‘expose’ that; I could have told them.” Haha. It’s funny because Brian is right.

What HRC posted on its new page is information that’s already known. Nothing new here to see, kids.

What would be new to see? HRC putting together a website focused on lawmakers — both state and federal, Democratic and Republican — showcasing their voting record and public statements on LGBT issues.

Because while NOM might have the power to influence elections, lawmakers (like the ones currently in office!) have the power to effect change. But such a project would mean HRC’s Joe Solmonese and David Smith would have to criticize their establishment friends, and that’s just uncouth.