NOM Offshoot Defends Teacher’s Right To Vomit And Gay/Terrorist Comparisons

When Maggie Gal Srivastav stepped down as Chairman for the National Organization for Marriage, she stepped up to head the all new Marriage Anti-Defamation Association (MADA), an organization that protects “defenders of traditional marriage” from the “threats, harassment, or retaliation” of gay rights advocates… riiiight. What MADA doesn’t mention is that the poor, persecuted souls that they represent also have bad records of anti-gay speech.

Their first “free speech” posterboy was our old buddy Dr. Frank Turek the corporate team builder who got fired after someone discovered his writings comparing gays to pedophiles, alcoholics, animals who eat their young and “radical Muslims” who want to destroy Western Civilization.

Their most recent defender of “religious freedom” is Jerry Buell, the high school teacher who got temporarily suspended for writing on his Facebook wall that the “sinful cesspool” of New York marriage equality made him “nearly vomit.” But MADA leaves out the fact that Buell challenges students who don’t like his “Jesus Christ” approach to teaching to change classes and that he stands accused of wanting gays to serve in the military so they can serve as bullet catchers.

If MADA wanted to drudge up a little sympathy for their latest cause, you’d think they’d choose to represent two men who make far less attractive targets.

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  • Little Kiwi

    if NOM were allowed to defend anti-Semitic and anti-black statements, they would.

    Maggie Srivastev *Gallagher* has a history of making anti-black statements. check out her essay “The Myth of Multiculturalism” online.

  • Erich

    The First Amendment still applies regardless of the filth they are spewing.

  • Riker

    The First Amendment protects against government interference. It doesn’t protect you from the social consequences of what you say.

  • Michael


    The first amendment nor the Constitution of the United States say ANYWHERE that hate speech is free speech much less allowed much less applauded.So no you are incorrect even freedom of speech can cross the lines and turn into hate speech eventually.The Constitution has never said anything about hate speech people seem to always get free speech and hate speech confused.Hate speech crosses the lines of what free speech entails.

    Discrimination was never part of the Constitution either.

  • Cam

    Yeah, and the KKK would defend a teacher who got in trouble for making racist statements to their class. This group is no different.

  • Adman

    It’s nice to see so much dishonesty from these pillars of virtue. Spinning a series of falsehoods and making a profit is becoming so difficult. Imagine the gall of people expecting these gentlemen to live by their convictions and the standards they set! Thankfully they’ll be receiving those Christofacist mafia job offers soon, so they’ll be back living in their bubble worlds really soon now. I remember Christopher Hitchens spanking Turek in an apologetics debate over his obviously childlike understanding of ethical behavior (among other things), but the video is in a lengthy series and I can’t seem to find the choice bit. Anyway, good times. Check it out if you like petulant “alpha dogs” pouting and lashing out at reasoned thinking.

  • Little Kiwi

    I guess what I find most beautifully ironic about this is the fact that NOM keeps insisting that they’re not “anti-gay” – that they harbor no anti-gay feelings. they just, you know, “care about protecting traditional marriage and the american family as the last bastion of something to do with jeebus”. or something.

    well, if that were true they would not be jumping at the opportunity to defend speech that is decidedly anti-gay, homophobic and hateful.

    comments about gays being part of a “cesspool” and wanting to vomit are not comments about How Great Traditional Marriage Is. They’re specifically and explicitly anti-gay.

    It’s sort of hilarious that nobody at NOM is even smart enough to align themselves with those who are opposed to gays and lesbians marrying and yet have no record of anti-gay bias or hatespeech. oh wait…right… that’s because there are none.

    You gotta hand it to NOM, they’re actually doing our work for us.

  • B

    Regarding ‘Their first “free speech” posterboy was our old buddy Dr. Frank Turek the corporate team builder who got fired after someone discovered his writings comparing gays to pedophiles, alcoholics, animals who eat their young and “radical Muslims” who want to destroy Western Civilization.’

    In fact, Turek was not fired – he was an independent contractor and simply did not get any follow-on work. Cisco won’t say why (companies rarely if ever state publicly the reasons for changing their suppliers/vendors/contractors).

    I guess Maggie will no doubt accuse one person I know of harassment for changing dentists after he found out that his dentist had supported Prop 8 and simply didn’t feel comfortable being around that guy. Would you want someone poking sharp objects in your mouth if you knew he wanted to prevent you from getting married?

  • Wies

    he MAD-a!

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