When Maggie Gal Srivastav stepped down as Chairman for the National Organization for Marriage, she stepped up to head the all new Marriage Anti-Defamation Association (MADA), an organization that protects “defenders of traditional marriage” from the “threats, harassment, or retaliation” of gay rights advocates… riiiight. What MADA doesn’t mention is that the poor, persecuted souls that they represent also have bad records of anti-gay speech.

Their first “free speech” posterboy was our old buddy Dr. Frank Turek the corporate team builder who got fired after someone discovered his writings comparing gays to pedophiles, alcoholics, animals who eat their young and “radical Muslims” who want to destroy Western Civilization.

Their most recent defender of “religious freedom” is Jerry Buell, the high school teacher who got temporarily suspended for writing on his Facebook wall that the “sinful cesspool” of New York marriage equality made him “nearly vomit.” But MADA leaves out the fact that Buell challenges students who don’t like his “Jesus Christ” approach to teaching to change classes and that he stands accused of wanting gays to serve in the military so they can serve as bullet catchers.

If MADA wanted to drudge up a little sympathy for their latest cause, you’d think they’d choose to represent two men who make far less attractive targets.

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