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Not Openly Gay Actor Ben Whishaw Secures Lead Role In Openly Gay Alan Ball’s New HBO Series

Alan Ball, the gay creator of True Blood and Six Feet Under, has signed intentionally ambiguous likely gay actor Ben Whishaw (pictured) to play the lead Webster Filmore Goodhue in his new series All Signs of Death, where he’ll play a slacker-cum-crime scene “cleaner.” Also his character, at least the one in the book All Signs is based on, is straight.

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  • Pete

    Cool for him – he lucked into gay creator/producer!

  • Dollie

    Hipster or gay? Both? Who knows!

    He’s set to be in an upcoming film about the Beat Generation, correct? What the hell happened to that project?

  • Jones

    Another self-loathing, closeted homo playing with another self-hating, gay Hollywood producer who protects the closet. One made for the other. Pathetic.

  • Dollie

    @Jones: Based on his interviews, I do not exactly know if he is closeted for the sake of his career, or if he just “doesn’t know.” He seems very young. Perhaps he just needs a little more time to wrap his head around his identity without the press going to town.

  • Brandon H

    I have no idea what this post is about, i just want that guy to be naked…NOW.

  • Jeremy

    Another cheap, trashy title and story Queerty made to grasp bored readers. Congratulation!

  • Benson

    @ 6 Jeremy: Exactly so the tired old queerty ‘regulars’ can droan in their pompus manner telling others how and when to come out.Always the same tired phrases – ‘self loathing’, ‘hollywood mafia against all gays’, blah, blah.So tiresome.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Ben Whitsaw has also been cast as the retconned Daniel Craig 007-franchise’s Weapons and Gadget Master “Q” in the upcoming SKYFALL.

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