Work it out

Now there’s an app for single people seeking workout buddies with benefits

Introducing Gymder, a new app for gym lovers seeking other gym lovers for an extra dose of cardiovascular activity.

The app bills itself as the “Instagram/Tinder For Athletes,” offering users “the sexiest fitness community on Earth” and “the best way to find real workout buddies anywhere at anytime… just when you need them!” (Wink, wink!) 

In other words, it’s a place for gym bunnies to connect with one another to take gym selfies together then go home and hookup.

“Fitness is more fun and effective,” the app’s description reads, “when you’re not alone.”

But Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo is not convinced. He calls the app “creepy,” writing:

This phrase alone [“Instagram/Tinder For Athletes”] offers a couple of clues about the app’s more nefarious tendencies. First, on the Instagram front, the app requires access to all of your photos. … Second, on the Tinder front, the app is actually designed more like Grindr, the popular hookup and dating app for men. There’s no swipe left or right functionality—just a home screen that shows you fitness hotties near you and a way to contact them.

Hmmm. We’d say it’s less “creepy,” and more narcissistic. Check out some of these selfies taken by Gymder users:

The app was developed by a team of fitness professionals in Munich and borrows a page from Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 playbook for its tagline: “Stronger. Together. Gymder.”

Check out the official Gymder commercial below…