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Olympic figure skater Jason Brown debuts epic routine as he starts a new season in Japan

Jason Brown

Jason Brown is returning to the ice in a familiar place this weekend. The champion figure skater is reunited with his choreographer Rohene Ward, and competing in the Japan Open.

“New season, new programs, same @rohenew!” he posted on Instagram, underneath a fierce video montage of his acrobatic moves. “Excited to kick it off in Japan this weekend!”

Brown, 28, spent his summer performing in an array of shows, including “Stars on Ice.” He also performed in the Japan-based “Friends on Ice,” wowing local audiences.

It’s apparent that Brown loves spending time across the Pacific. His Instagram is filled with photos celebrating his co-stars.

As a competitive skater, Brown enjoyed a breakout performance at the 2014 Sochi Games for Team USA, taking home bronze in a team effort. He also competed during the 2022 Winter Olympics, and finished sixth in the men’s event with a personal best score of 97.24.

Overall, Brown has taken home 10 medals in his international career, including three golds. This year, he won his second gold medal at a World Team event in Tokyo.

In the four years leading up to the 2022 Beijing Games, Brown was primarily living out of a basement apartment in Toronto, training with his coaches on a near-daily basis.

Despite his on-ice success, Brown wasn’t sure at the time whether he wanted to compete in another Olympics. He says he found his experience in Beijing to be “bizarre,” largely due to strict COVID protocols.

“I remember finishing and thinking, `Is it over? Is this how it ends?” he told NBC Sports.

But those feelings of melancholy didn’t last for long. The following October, he was invited to the Japan Open, where he unveiled a new program with Ward.

After performing in another 50 shows that offseason, Brown, who grew up in the Chicago area, pledged to compete at the 2023 Nationals.

“Coming back was not in my mind in the summer, but after finishing the shows I felt great,” he said. “I have more energy than ever,” he said.

We’ll say. Brown keeps up a robust schedule, starring in shows all over the U.S., Japan and Canada.

Clearly, Brown loves his life, and sharing his joy with fans. Two years ago, he was one of three Olympic figure skaters who publicly came out as gay for Pride Month. Brown posted his heartfelt message on social media:

“I’ve grown up surrounded by beautiful, creative, strong, proud, successful and supportive LGBTQ+ role models. Whether it be family members, coaches, skaters, teachers, friends or others I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with, my perception of what’s it like to be LGBTQ+ was far from one-dimensional.

“I’ve always found it impossible and truthfully dangerous to paint or stereotype any one group with a singular brushstroke. The diversity of people I’ve met along my journey has shown me that everyone is so individually themselves. No experience or personality is the same, simply people finding their identity, their voice and owning their truths and their own unique ways.

“I’ve always been shown the beauty and embracing love in every form. I never questioned my own sexuality or even thought much about it because it didn’t matter. I am who I am, and I’ve always been fortunate to be surrounded by people who made me feel like that was enough. 

“I realize that so many confront a different reality. History hasn’t always been kind in the fight for equality, and acceptance is an ongoing one. There is no doubt that my life’s been enhanced because of the people around me who had the courage to stand up and share a piece of who they are with the world and for that I say thank you.

“I believe that love will always win and every story will unfold differently for each individual. Mine unfolds a bit now. I’m gay, and that’s a story still being written…”

Nowadays, it’s apparent that Brown is out and proud.

Earlier this year, Brown received a special honor that highlights his notoriety: a spot in the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame.

His bobblehead is proudly displayed in Milwaukee.

“Never thought I’d be honored as a bobblehead, but so fun to see this come to life,” he said. “Hope it makes you smile and brings you joy!”

Brown never fails to make us smile. We adore the bond he shares with his parents, who enjoy regular presences on his Instagram grid.

We’re sure Brown will keep us updated on all of his comings and goings during his latest stint in the Land of the Rising Sun. His star continues to rise, and flourish.

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