Out Magazine Brings The Vice Of The Greeks To Athens With New Greek Edition

Here Media is partnering with Greek publisher G. Piliouras, Ltd. to publish a Greek edition of the gay fashion and lifestyle magazine Out, launching December 2011. The new publication will combine translated content from the flagship magazine with original interviews with Greek personalities, music and entertainment reviews, and regional travel coverage. Like American Out, the Greek edition will hit newsstands ten times a year.

 “Out’s Greek-language version provides the perfect outlet for a consumer not currently being reached by local publications,” says Here Media VP Stephen Macias, adding that the company was “in the process of securing international agreements for the various Here Media brands and platforms, including print, digital and mobile.”

The expansion of gay media into new markets is good news, but given the precarious position of print—and Greece’s current economic woes—we’re a little surprised by the timing.

Then again, if there’s one thing the Greeks know, its how to appreciate a magnificent Adonis.