Pandora Boxx Reveals Inspiration Behind New Pride Anthem Music Video ‘Unicorn’

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and All Stars contestant Pandora Boxx has released ‘Unicorn,’ a playful and sexy new music video. The new music video and anthem is a fun take on children’s videos, released just in time for pride season accross the United States.

“I started posting pictures of unicorns on my social media when things got too negative because everyone loves unicorns,” Pandora shared. “So I thought why not make a song about them! I wanted something that was unapologetically gay. In these crazy times of horrible discrimination, we need people who aren’t afraid to be who they are, even if that is a unicorn.”

This is the fifth single from Ms. Boxx, her previous singles charting in the iTunes Top 100. Previous include “Cooter” and her Aretha Franklin/George Michael parody “Knew You Seemed Shady to Me”, with Adam Barta, which hit top 50 on the iTunes comedy charts.

Enjoy the music video above and be sure to follow Pandora Boxx on Instagram!