trans-woman-violence-trainAn incredibly disturbing video showing two trans women being verbally harassed and beaten by several male assailants on Atlanta’s MARTA train has surfaced online, bringing to light one of the first attacks against transwomen we’ve seen since Time declared “the trans tipping point.”

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the video is the lack of compassion and concern coming from passengers not involved in the brawl. Everyone who crosses the camera’s lens is either cheering, standing on seats to get a better vantage point, or filming the incident with their phone.

“Nobody tried to help,” Janell Crosby, one of the trans ladies attacked in the video, told GA Voice this week. “They were all standing up on chairs and videotaping. That’s how it ended up on so many sites.”

The horrific event has driven both women to move away from Atlanta. Crosby says she was en route to New York a week after the attack occurred, and her friend Tyra Woods, who is stripped in the uncensored version of the video below, is now in Cleveland, Ohio. “I don’t feel safe here,” Crosby said of living in Atlanta. “We don’t get no protection.”

(It’s worth noting that other sources are reporting that Woods was stripped by the male assailants during the attack, but it is clear in the video below that this information is false — Woods loses her top during a scuffle and later undresses herself. The removal of her clothes does not appear to be a sexually-motivated attack, but rather a decision Woods made on her own. It is not clear whether Woods was intentionally sexually assaulted once her clothes were removed, and Crosby does not claim either were sexually assaulted during the attack.)

Crosby also says she reported the attack to a MARTA officer, but claims the officer had “no interest in taking a report.” She says the attack was instigated by the initial assailant below, who “kicked” her because “he didn’t like certain things [she] said to him.”

At time of reporting, no official investigation had been launched into identifying the attackers.

Watch a censored version of the video below, and head on over to FlyVidz if you want to watch the uncensored version. Be warned that it is NSFW and extremely graphic.

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