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Pelosi: First Comes DADT, Then Comes ENDA, Then Comes Elena Kagan’s Radical Judicial Agenda

If you still care about whether Democrats in Congress still about your rights, then you’ll be pleased to know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (not a lesbian) told a conference call bulked up with activists that she is still committed to passing ENDA and repealing DADT this year. Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Too bad, it’s our blog, we choose.

The good news: A caller on the line says “the Speaker discussed the timing of taking a vote on ENDA relative to a DADT repeal vote, which is automatically built into the calendar for next week based on the fact that the House is scheduled to consider the National Defense Authorization Act that week. A DADT repeal measure is likely to be proposed on the House floor as an amendment to the NDAA.”

The bad news: Pelosi “went through the chronology of the calendar and the fact that taking a vote on ENDA and DADT in the same week is literally impossible from a scheduling standpoint. Pelosi also said she thought ENDA would have a much better likelihood of passing if DADT were successfully ushered through first.”

Yes, the “bad news” amounts to not having two things to cheerlead in the same week. But there’s also the possibility of worse-er bad news: Having nothing to celebrate, because your lawmakers are a bunch of pussies.

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  • Kieran

    “If you still care about whether Democrats in Congress still about your rights, then you’ll be pleased to know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi….”

    I love you queerty, but doesn’t anybody know how to proofread over there?

  • Pitou

    But those Anal-beads around her neck sure look pretty!

  • The Artist

    These laws are silly and just need to go away. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • AndrewW

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised her Democratic Members that “there wouldn’t be any controversial votes in the HOUSE before the Mid-terms.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised us that she “would work to advance DADT repeal and the passage of ENDA.”

    Which promise will she keep?

    There will be NO Congressional action on anything LGBT before the Mid-terms. A promise is a promise, after all.

  • Cam


    Siiiiigh, AndrewW, you and I have dissagreed on here quite a bit, but I’m finding us always in agreement when it comes to being cynical about whether or not are “Friends” in congress or “HRC” actually give a shit about the gay community. I wish I could argue this one with you but i’m thinking I am in agreement.

  • christopher di spirito

    Rep. Nancy “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi and Sen. Harry “Obama is a light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect” Reid should’ve had bills to repeal both DADT and DOMA on Obama’s desk to sign during the president’s first hundred days in office.

    But alas, neither Pelosi or Reid could get their shit together and now 15 months into President Obama’s term, I have very little hope either DADT or DOMA will be repealed.

    I hope I’m wrong but, I have no confidence in the leadership.

  • AndrewW

    @Cam: To mimic Bill Clinton – our last “fierce advocate” in the White House – I feel your pain.

    It seems some people have all of a sudden begun to think we can trust politicians and that their promises have some value. Or they can “demand” that they keep their promises. That’s crazy. Politics is the domain of double-talking weasels. They make money delaying our equality, not delivering it. Therefore, they delay it.

    Pelosi and Obama are delaying because that is in their best interest, not ours.

  • B

    No. 7 · AndrewW wrote, “Pelosi and Obama are delaying because that is in their best interest, not ours.”

    An alternate hypothesis is that they were swamped trying to get a health-care bill passed, getting the economy in better shape, and reining in the banks and Wallstreet with some regulations to stop the abuses, issues that impact everyone.

  • AndrewW

    @B: Blah, blah blah … kool-aid talk.

  • San Francisco Treat

    WTF does Pelosi have to do with Kagan? Anyone? Thanks.

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