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People can’t get enough of straight “homiesexuals” making out with their dude friends on TikTok

Two gay men kissing

More and more straight-identifying guys are declaring themselves “homiesexuals.”

According to Urban Dictionary, “homiesexual” is “a sexuality where we homies but it ain’t gay cause we’re just homies.” It’s sort of like being a bromosexual, but somehow different.

Bisexual singer Tayla Parx, best known for co-writing Ariana Grande’s smash hit Thank U Next, helped popularize the term when she released the single “Homisexual” last year, in which she talks about how she “only f*cks with my homies.”

“I’m a homiesexual,” she sings. “But if I let you kick it, don’t go feeling special.”

Now, a year later, the trend has made its way onto TikTok.

The New York Times recently highlighted a few of the platform’s most popular homiesexuals, some of whom are racking up tens of millions of views with their gay baiting videos, which they’re actually using to attract female followers, not male ones.

Connor Robinson is a straight-identifying 17-year-old who says he likes to “break some barriers” by posting snippets of himself and his male friends mimicking gay puppy love, cuddling, or pretending to engage in passionate lip locks.

“Normally, I do jokey dance videos and stuff like that, but it seems like things have kind of changed now,” he told the New York Times, adding, “Girls are attracted to two attractive guy TikTokers with massive followings showing a sexual side with each other.”

Then there’s Josh Richards, who has amassed a whopping 23 million followers by regularly posting videos of himself dropping his towel in front of his straight “boyfriends” or pretending to make out with another guy.

Ercan Boyraz is the head of influencer management at Yoke Network. He says homiesexual videos are a super effective way for aspiring social media stars to accumulate more followers as many young women enjoy watching two guys mess around together. They find it sexy. Sort of like how straight guys often find two girls messing around together a turn on.

“Straight guys have always been attracted to girls being flirtatious with each other,” Boyraz explains to the New York Times. “Girls are just taking the same idea and switching it around.”

Clearly the message is being received by content creators because if your search of “#homiesexual” on TikTok, you’ll get over 50 million results. We have a feeling this trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and we’re perfectly fine with that.

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