Two men and a woman about to have a threesome

This is not a drill, folks. This is real life. New research has found that more and more straight dudes are having ménage à trois with one another to help strengthen their bromances.

Dr. Ryan Scoats is a sociologist from Birmingham City University who specializes in threesomes. Or rather, he specializes in studying threesomes.

His most recent findings reveal that the rise of bromances, paired with society’s growing acceptance of homosexuality, has led to an increased number of MMF hookups among young people.

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Scoats interviewed a total of 30 male undergrads. One-third of them said they had engaged in a threesome at least once in their life, while six said that had done it more than once.

Of the guys who said they had participated in a ménage à trois, seven said they were MFF, and five said they were MMF.

Two particularly adventurous participants said they had experienced both MFF and MMF threesomes.

However, the majority of guys who had partaken in MMF shenanigans said there was little to no physical interaction between the guys.

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Many of them reported that the encounters were a way to build bonds with their closest male buddies.

One interviewee named Brent said, “You get to ‘high five’ your mate over her back and that’s about it really.”

Another interviewee, Matthew, said: “It was quite a funny, a good experience. We both had a bit of banter between us. It was quite fun. It was quite enjoyable.”

Scoats describes the behavior as “semi-sexual,” meaning that while the dudes didn’t sexually interact with one another, they did engage in sexual activity with the same woman at the same time.

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“Modern men are more comfortable with their male friends,” Scoats says. “This is allowing them to have threesomes … without it challenging their sexuality.”

But, he says, even though threesomes are on the rise, there are still stigmas that surround them.

Scoats explains, “Threesome sex is just like any other sex, people do it for different reasons and it has different outcomes. Society stigmatizes this behavior.”

Additional research published earlier this month found that many straight dudes find “bromances” more emotionally rewarding than their romantic relationships with women.

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