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More and more straight dudes are engaging in ménage à trois to help strengthen their bromances

Two men and a woman about to have a threesome

This is not a drill, folks. This is real life. New research has found that more and more straight dudes are having ménage à trois with one another to help strengthen their bromances.

Dr. Ryan Scoats is a sociologist from Birmingham City University who specializes in threesomes. Or rather, he specializes in studying threesomes.

His most recent findings reveal that the rise of bromances, paired with society’s growing acceptance of homosexuality, has led to an increased number of MMF hookups among young people.

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Scoats interviewed a total of 30 male undergrads. One-third of them said they had engaged in a threesome at least once in their life, while six said that had done it more than once.

Of the guys who said they had participated in a ménage à trois, seven said they were MFF, and five said they were MMF.

Two particularly adventurous participants said they had experienced both MFF and MMF threesomes.

However, the majority of guys who had partaken in MMF shenanigans said there was little to no physical interaction between the guys.

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Many of them reported that the encounters were a way to build bonds with their closest male buddies.

One interviewee named Brent said, “You get to ‘high five’ your mate over her back and that’s about it really.”

Another interviewee, Matthew, said: “It was quite a funny, a good experience. We both had a bit of banter between us. It was quite fun. It was quite enjoyable.”

Scoats describes the behavior as “semi-sexual,” meaning that while the dudes didn’t sexually interact with one another, they did engage in sexual activity with the same woman at the same time.

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“Modern men are more comfortable with their male friends,” Scoats says. “This is allowing them to have threesomes … without it challenging their sexuality.”

But, he says, even though threesomes are on the rise, there are still stigmas that surround them.

Scoats explains, “Threesome sex is just like any other sex, people do it for different reasons and it has different outcomes. Society stigmatizes this behavior.”

Additional research published earlier this month found that many straight dudes find “bromances” more emotionally rewarding than their romantic relationships with women.

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  • Paco

    “However, the majority of guys who had partaken in MMF shenanigans said there was little to no physical interaction between the guys.”

    So now we gay men are supposed to be interested in two straight guys sharing a woman sexually? Two guys that only have a sexual interest in the woman and not each other. Bonding through sexual conquest of the opposite sex and not the same sex.

    What was the point of this article exactly?

    • Brian

      Any excuse to talk about straight men’s boners.

    • Brody

      Brian –
      It goes beyond that, Brian. It’s a flat-out obsession with “straight” men (whom we all know are simply bisexuals, not heteros) having homosexual tendencies and their yearning to be with us. It’s the crassest form of wishful thinking; it’s borderline pathological; it’s an embarrassment; it’s the very reason why so many straight people find us distasteful.

  • Juanjo

    Anyone who was ever in the service has either participated or knows buddies who routinely would go in together on a hooker and have a little group sex. Not really any difference here.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    What is it with these nonsensical “studies.” Thirty people is not a good sample size to discover a social trend.

    Sounds like some one is really reaching to try and promote anything non-monogamous.

    • Herman75

      Dr Scoats does have a man-bun.

  • Chris

    Thirty undergraduate students hardly makes for a trend.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    “More and more,” you say? If I’m doing the math correctly based on that sample of 30, “more and more” equals a grand total of FIVE.

  • Herman75

    The article in the Daily Mail uses words like encounter and experience. How Queerty lowers it to “MM shenanigans” makes me go hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • barkomatic

    Even when I was in college in the 90’s, straight guys experimented a little–even with gay men. I guess these days they feel they can be less insecure about it which is good, but they are still straight guys experimenting–it doesn’t mean they are gay. I feel like stories like this are more to help gay men entertain their fantasies that their favorite straight guy will suddenly be attracted to them.

  • Brody

    Yeah, get back to me when you’ve done a study of Americans.
    Europeans live in Bizarro World.

  • DCguy

    So two drunk guys hook up with a drunk girl and this fake study claims it’s to strengthen their friendship?

    Gee, I guess changing the name from the Frat Boy labels of “Tag Team” or “Gang Bang” or in some cases “Sexual Assault” is their way of cleaning this up and pretending it’s something new that hasn’t been happening on college campuses forever.

    This bizarre obsession with anything “Straight” is getting over the top.

  • o.codone

    I’m making a mental note. Check back on this in 50 years. We’ll know by then if the straight boys have been convinced to give it up. Doubtful.

  • jd.cali

    30 responses? This is an absolute joke and at this point I am calling out the author who obvious has no idea how true science works and clearly has an agenda. In the last few months he has published bromance/straight guy “studies” that have 30 responses. 30. Undergraduate students. That’s it.. It’s ridiculous journalism and dangerous in its manipulation. Here is my study:

    “Author” Graham Greymore publishes his third bogus article on the study of bromances on Queerty. All three- I kid you not, contained a total of 30 responses. All were 30 undergraduate students.

    1. June 8, 2017: New Study Funds Straight dudes in Bromances often hug, Kiss, and Share Thier Most Intimate Secrets
    (Study- 30 responses)

    2. Oct. 14,207: Bromances may be changing the way Straight couples live
    (Study- 30 responses)

    3. Oct. 21, 2107: More and more straight dudes are engaging in ménage a trois to help strengthen your heir bromance
    (Study- 30 responses)

    And for extra credit:
    “Groundbreaking” study identifies traits of people most likely to try open relationships
    (Study – a whopping 100)

    Graham Gremore. I’m calling you out.

    • Xzamilloh

      Expect your comment to be deleted… because mine was. This straight crap is almost obsessive with him.

    • Brody

      He’s hoping that if he states it as fact enough times, it’ll become true.

  • Nahald

    Why do I NOT believe these MMF threesome to be just about BFF’s bonding?

  • Jack Meoff

    Seriously Queerty this kind of thing has been going on for decades. Two or three guys all get together with some poor drunk female and share her around and they call it bonding. Football teams have been doing this during their away games for decades and it has caused all kinds of scandals. Now we are supposed to believe it’s become.

  • michel_banen

    Keep the woman out of the story and it’s a bit relevant here. If it’s only the 2 guys being intimate then I can understand the slight newsworthy fact of it. Straight guys are straight. Why the obsession with them ?

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