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PHOTO: New Kids On The Block Still Got “The Right Stuff”

NKOTB is here to show those brats in One Direction how to set gay hearts aflutter. Donnie Wahlberg wanted to show the band is still “Hangin’ Tough.” So he tweeted a photo of them in nothing but towels.

How much are the mustache rides, boys?


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  • Chris

    Again, Hire an Editor. The phrase is “hangin’ tough” NOT “hangin’ touch”

    Maybe we should make a drinking game out of Queerty errors. Drink for each misspelling or grammar error, chug for the wrong photo, or large errors of fact…but we would all be hammered too quickly.

  • MiltonHarvey

    NKOTB have been all washed up for 20 years.

  • Mikey

    So.. NKOTB have become The Village People. Nice.

  • keoki3


  • Scoobydood

    Actually, with any luck the phrase for this picture SHOULD BE “hanging touch”!

  • tookietookie

    I like this picture! It has whimsy.

  • Larkin

    I suppose they think mustaches make them look more… leathery.

  • Charlie

    Helloooooooooooo nurse!

  • sic!

    Wow! Guy next to Wahlberg is nice DILF :drooling:

  • dvlaries

    Needs more smiles but the bodies are holding together great.

  • Wayne

    I still think Joey, Donnie,and Jordon are very hot looking and handsome.

  • jack jett

    i like this look. not into young thangs so this is by far the most attractive i have ever seen them.

  • Joe T.

    I believe they planned it after reading M4M Missed Connections on Craigslist; the Y shower room is my guess.

  • Darwin

    I have to admit, they look hot.

  • G

    What a fun picture! They look good too. How old are they?

  • Who cares?

    And this qualifies as interesting news why?

  • Dionte

    Who are those men?


    @Dionte: I am “those man” Homosexual, that will take over the USA and kill all Christian.

  • streeteditions

    Attack of the NKOTB clones! talk about metrosexual. Who’s holding the soap?

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