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Photographer hopes to end sexual racism with stunning new photo book celebrating Asian men

Asian male portraits book image

Fashion photographer West Phillips has traveled the world photographing gorgeous musclebound men for many top underwear campaigns.

But while he was always grateful for the work and to be doing a job that he loved, one thing often bothered him.

“I realized how much was lacking in Western media when you’re looking at photos and advertisements and other photographers I was following on social media,” Phillips tells PinkPlanet.

Particularly, he noticed a lack of Asian representation in the male modeling industry. So decided to do something about it!

Phillips turned his camera lens towards the Asian male form for a project that eventually became Asian Male Portraits, a stunning new coffee table book dedicated to celebrating Asian male beauty and changing perceptions and attitudes toward gay Asian men.

“I think the mass media in the West don’t find [Asian men] to be appealing, they don’t find them to be sexual,” Phillips says, “and that’s something that I didn’t understand.”

Asked whether he thinks his project is having an impact on how gay men, in particular, view Asian men, Phillips replies, “I hope it is. I can’t say for sure, but I certainly hope it is.”

Hear Phillips talk about the project in the video below.

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