PHOTOS: Check Out Todd Sanfield And Check Into Motel/Hotel

The days of hot-sheet motels, where lovers could meet for some afternoon delight, are behind us for the most part. But model/designer Todd Sanfield (above) lets us fantasize in Motel/Hotel, the new limited-edition photo book by lesman Kevin McDermott. All the images in the hardcover coffee-table tome were shot over two days in McDermott’s home turf of Detroit. Well, Sanfield certainly gets our motor revving! Says McDermott: “I think there is a feeling of freedom associated with hotels and motels.  People can act out in ways that they may not while in their own environments.  They are sexual spaces—even if its a dive cheap motel, there is a certain sexiness there.” Click through for more images from Kevin McDermott’s Motel/Hotel Motel/Hotel ($65/Ten Avenues Press) is on sale in early May. Photos: Kevin McDermott/Ten Avenues Press  

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  • Plankton Menace

    That’s my idea of room service.

  • iltman

    how do i order this for delivery

  • JKB

    I wouldn’t call him attractive…I’d call him F&CKIN HOT!

  • Jonathan


  • Mark

    Damn – those thighs could crack coconuts or crack me – either one would be fine by me! Woof!

  • Jeremy

    He was too perfect to be true until that mouth opened. Yeah, all good things must come to the end.

  • Jonathan

    Yes,but is he gay?

  • Tom

    Bless their hearts, who ever posed him standing on his tip toes has no clue about what looks masculine / if these images were 3D a purse would be flying out of them. I have a feeling the only thing showing on that motel TV is the Golden Girls

  • Jeff

    Nothing wrong with looking, if he isn’t gay. But he was also on the cover of DNA magazine a few years ago. He’s just so damn SEXY!

  • Bryan

    Typical, the hottest morning goods in a while only gets three pics

  • junaid

    if u like friendship

  • junaid

    if u like friendship call me / msg me. 0311-2431122

  • rob

    Hot, hot, hot!

  • Jas Friedman

    Very hot and sexy hotel look, but I hear that he smokes. Very bad for his health and in this day and age we should be promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Derek Williams

    Holy moley! Hot…

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