PHOTOS: Hey Abercrombie & Fitch, We Love These Beefy Guys! & Fitch finally apologized  for its chairman and CEO Mike Jeffries’ ham-handed comments declaring A&F intentionally exclusionary, read “fat people ain’t cool.” Well, some aren’t, but there are plenty of skinny bitches, as well. Anyway…people were outraged, including the 18-year old with an eating disorder who got 68,000 people to sign an online petition at, and Ellen, who nailed A&F with this fairly genius bit of proactive political monologue-ing on her show the other day.

Not to be left out, and in the spirit of piling on, here’s our response to Jeffries in the form of an appreciation of big guys we’d love to undress (such as Chris Pratt, pictured), or at least admire terribly, however tight their A&F polo might be.