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  • balehead

    still a cutie!!

  • Mjl-428

    THAT’s who Reichen dumped?! that dumbass!

  • socaliscorpio

    can’t stand that pursed lipped expression of his in the last photo

  • Dumdum

    I think that hot guys that know they are hot really become less attractive. At least to me.

  • viveutvivas

    Nice to see more natural lean bodies as opposed to the artificially buffed and primped ones that are so prevalent. I agree the pursed lips look retarded.

  • miloseabiscuit

    @Mjl-428: Who is Reichen?

  • cogay23

    There is not debate that Rodiney is one sexy man. I’m just curious who the guy in the link photo is that seems to have that “damn” look on his face with Rodiney in the backgrounds? He’s not so bad his sexy self!

  • Mjl-428

    @miloseabiscuit: his Ex from that horrible show “The A List”. you can click on the in the Article (going to law school) or google him to find out more. He also dated Lance Bass

  • Cam

    Can a photo be called “Candid” if it is taken by a professional photographer and put out for publicity? :)

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