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  • uh oh

    Number 3 please.

  • Spike

    I seemed to have missed the pics of the guys in slutty outfits. As for them being str8t, err, OK, if you say so.

  • jason

    How do you know these guys are totally straight? Is there a test for it?

  • Camerado

    That dude in flannel must be the slutty one. I can’t even tell you what blue bandana, worn in the front is code for.

  • Stupid

    I’m not sure which was sluttier, the guys dressed like MC Hammer or the guy (?)in
    Victorian grim-reaper garb. Oh, you straight sluts!

  • Stupid

    No. Clearly, the guy in the green afro wig is the sluttiest of them all. Good job at titling this set of random photos, Queerty.

  • Dr. Dick

    The guys in #8 doin the Always Sunny Eagle wrestling team are probably str8 (and definitely sexy) but everyone else….questionable (even some of the “STOP! Hammer Time” bros)
    Everyone, except the Power Bottom Rangers. Nothing to question.

  • GC

    Yes, of course you can tell if someone is gay or straight from a picture.

    Of course.

  • Red Assault



    Ugh, you hired a straight girl again, didn’t you?

  • Oh, ok

    @GC: You can, the gay ones are hot.

  • GC

    @Oh, ok: “Gay guys are all just so cute and sexy”.


  • iltman

    no 3 is str8 to my bed!

  • J.

    5, Guy on the left

  • Spike

    @Red Assault: OMG, you are so right, it makes total sense. It’s the str8t girls at Queerty that come up with these posts.

  • Red Assault

    @Spike: You always know that a straight girl has been writing an article about something gay when she uses words like ‘slutty’ to describe anything. Or when she uses a phrase like “as gay as Richard Simmons.” Or when she does something like suggest that straight guys are the only ones who would be in a race… those homos don’t do physical things… they’re not into sports. She also doesn’t capitalize “gay” but does capitalize “Pride.” And then adds an “s” onto the end of “Halloweens” for some reason. (and only a straight girl would classify a “slutty” costume as something you’d only wear on Hallowe’en.

    At least it’s not as offensive as that “8 reasons straight men should try being gay” that listed things like “to gays, sex is like a handshake” or “you’ll dress better” or “you’ll dance more.”

  • tasithoughts

    Gayest of them all—-Power Rangers —werq it gurls!!!

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