PHOTOS: Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato Is The Fashion Gangster

In honor of New York Fashion Week, we thought we’d peek in on the ever-stylish Mark Indelicato. Like his Ugly Betty character, Justin, the now-18-year-old Idelicato has been getting into fashion in a big way: He regularly shoots and models looks from designers like Mac Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford on his photo-blog, The Fashion Gangster.

Above, Indelicato—who’s growing into a Sal Mineo-type looker—sports some of his most beloved items, including a shredded-knit Alexander Wang top from a good friend: “My favorite person ever, Ana Ortiz, loaned it to me for Coachella but I couldn’t control myself and had to shoot it,” he writes.

Check him, and the top, out in the video below.


Photos: Hannah Marks