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PHOTOS: You’ll be ok about Joe Jonas being the new “face” of GUESS underwear

Oh, hello. We didn’t see you there, so enrapt were we with these new stills from Joe Jonas’s recent photoshoot for GUESS underwear.

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Talking to E! News, Jonas said — candidly — that it was “exciting” and “fun” to pose in his unmentionables, so hopefully there’s more to come.

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And while we’re basically outraged there’s not a single shot of him in briefs, guess we’ll have to take what we can get.

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  • DDstar1me

    Is it me? Or does he look uncomfortable? Hot pics thou


    Serving awkward

  • Ditamo

    He is a handsome guy, but I don’t see him as a model. I also understand that today’s artists want to dip their toes in different businesses, but you don’t have to do everything! Just stick to singing, and try to be the best in that.

  • Xzamilloh

    He looks like if Nyle DiMarco had a baby with El Debarge. His body is sexy

  • Black Pegasus

    The photos look forced and overly filtered, but Joe is still the cutest brother in my view. I’d lay the pipe on him.

  • cabe

    He looks hot and refreshingly, not a lot of tattoos which are a turnoff for me.

  • Mick406

    I bet his dick is small. Doesn’t even show much of a bulge at all in these pics. He could have at least stroked it a little to ‘inflate it to a ‘halfie’ to make impressive photos.

  • Rob91316

    I’d take Nick over Joe, but would I say “yes” to Joe? FO SHO!!!

  • Jack Meoff

    The pics are cool if perhaps a little overly photoshopped but it’s the eyebrows that draw my attention in just about every pic. A little electrolysis would go a long way.

  • JessPH

    If Photoshop can make a turd like Justin Bieber look like a hunk, it can certainly enhance Joe Jonas too.

  • Xzamilloh

    @JessPH: Hey. Justin Bieber has definitely grown to be a cute little fuckboy. I wouldn’t touch him with Caitlyn Jenner’s old dick, but he’s cute nonetheless.

  • Terrycloth

    Out of the 3 brothers he was much better looking when he was younger.that greasy look doesn’t help …stick with your music.

  • charlie_jackpot

    He’s a sexy guy – but these photos filter out the sexy

  • Doughosier

    He was always the most beautiful Jonas bro.

  • zipperzone

    If he is going to be a successful model, he should learn to pose in more teasing poses.

    He just looks plain bored in these ones.

  • Kathukid

    Neither one of the Jonas brothers does anything for me.

  • Billysees

    ” He could have at least stroked it a little to ‘inflate it to a ‘halfie’ to make impressive photos. ”


  • b2rocketfan

    I think this looks like really well made fake porn where they put his head on another body. He looks so engaged an his eyes look dead to me. Plus he looks greasy, like he’s been rolling around in Mazolla. There’s no joy.

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