Dragaholic Presents: PNKT with Becky Punk Rock, “Punk Fashion” (Episode 1)

PNKT w/ Becky Punk Rock Ep. 1 Punk Fashion Pt. 1

Meet Becky. She’s here to teach you the ABCs of what it takes to be PUNK. Today’s letter is F for Fashion, because what’s more punk than clothes?

PNKT with Becky Punk Rox Moon Baby Drag Queen Featured Image Web Series episode 1We’re so excited to announce a media partnership with Tender Farms Productions, the moon baby and Mario Ashkar to bring you the new weekly Dragaholic presentation, ‘PNKT, w/ Becky Punk Rock’!

This new web series, from director Mario Ashkar, stars controversial Pittsburgh drag artist the moon baby, who is known for her over-the-top, artistic drag pieces, including her recent (and very NSFW) music video ‘Electric Mistress.’ We can’t get enough of her creativity!

New episodes of PNKT will be released every Wednesday right here on Dragaholic.com and on the DragTube video page. So until next time, remember to keep it punk rock!

Next Week on PNKT: Punk Fashion Pt. 2