State TV Cuts Queer Clip

Poland Not About ‘Little Britain’

Poland’s anti-gay train just keeps on chugging. A little over a week after education minister Roman Giertych called gays “revolting pederasts”, state run television network TVP admitted to cutting around one minute of the popular British show, Little Britain, because it featured a gay vicar.

The snipped scene featured flamboyantly gay Daffyd (the so-called “only gay in the village) arguing with a vicar about the church’s position on homosexuality, but gets a bit of a surprise when the vicar introduces – and kissed – his boyfriend. TVP flack Aneta Wrona explains the station’s decision:

We decided to cut a scene which could cause controversy among Polish viewers and which isn’t exactly in line with our mission as a public television channel… British viewers are more open and indulgent than their Polish counterparts. It’s a different sense of humour, and one which is sometimes incomprehensible for the Polish public.

From the sound of it, Poland doesn’t have a sense of humor at all.

We do, however, so we’ve included a Little Britain clip, after the jump. We couldn’t find the contested clip, but we did find one of Daffyd meeting gay pop star, Elton John. We also dug up on of Daffyd singing a very special song…