Queerty Wish List: Us

To celebrate the holidays, Queerty is playing Santa to all your favorite folks and asking what they want under the tree/ next to the menorah/ beside the Saturnalia bonfire this year, no Ms. America answers allowed.

With our stockings hung by the chimney and presents nestled under the tree, it’s time for Queerty to say goodbye to our wish list feature. For our final installment, our team at Jossip Initiatives shares with you our own personal wish lists of what we’d like for the holidays, other than of course, a smile on our reader’s faces.

Find out what we’d like to be getting if we weren’t already getting coal already after the jump.

Japhy Grant:

I have this problem where I go shopping for clothes and always wind up buying a jacket instead. I think it comes from spending so many years living in places where the weather is so goddamn awful that the jacket is your primary fashion statement. I have my eye on a Journal Standard hooded varsity jacket, but it’s only available in Japan right now, so my badass and much-needed style makeover is on indefinite hold for the time being. Oh, and the national anthem needs to be changed to “Islands in the Stream.”

David Hauslaib:

To have a whole new crop of gay celebrities come out next year; for Americans to take their Obama blinders off; to not always be in the one JetBlue seat without a working TV; and for the BlackBerry Bold to come to T-Mobile.

Cord Jefferson:

I’d really like it if everyone stopped being dicks to each other, grasped the commonality of anguish and worked to make the human experience better for all. If that’s too pageanty: I’d wear the hell out of a new light grey, herringbone, double breasted suit from Brooks Brothers. Come Thursday, I’ll probably receive neither, which is fine.

Brandon Schultz:

I’d like Dolly Parton to bring me a royal blue Snuggly Blanket with arm sleeves so we could sit on the front porch swing and still be able to hold our Jack Daniels.

Drew Grant:

More Charlie Kaufman films. I know that sounds dorky, but he’s one of the only writers/directors I still find myself totally engrossed by. Nothing he does sucks, and I wish he did more projects. If he started doing web shorts a la Dr. Horrible, I would shit myself.

And now, it’s your turn. Tell us and your fellow readers what you want for the holidays. And remember our cardinal rule: No Miss America answers. And would it be easier to just show us what you want? Post an image! Either:

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