QUESTION: Should Thomas Roberts Host The Miss Universe Pageant In Anti-Gay Russia?


When Andy Cohen dropped out of hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Russia, he left a huge void, which was then filled by fellow gay, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts.

Roberts defended his motives and apparent support of Russia — which has come under fire for a series of anti-gay legislation and violence in the lead-up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics — by noting what a “huge visible opportunity” the gig is, adding that he’s going to “prove there’s hope.”

Some members of the LGBT community have been highly critical both of Roberts and of parent company NBC Universal for replacing one gay with another in hopes of deflecting the negative spotlight on Russia’s increasingly homophobic climate.

Whether the reason is giving hope, collecting a paycheck, or something in between, the question remains:

Is Thomas Roberts right to host the Miss Universe Pageant in anti-gay Russia?