'In Rainbows' Bring Dark Cloud

Radiohead Threatens To Tear Jossip Apart

There’s a bit of a civil war brewing in our blogger family. In a piece rhetorically entitled, “Am I A Jerk For Downloading The New Radiohead Album For Free?” Jossip editor Rebecca Aronauer writes: “I wasn’t an economics major, but when someone offers me the choice of paying for something or getting it for free, I usually choose free.”

In a blistering editorial of his own, Mollygood editor Cord Jefferson confirms Aronauer’s fears:

Yes, you are a jerk for downloading the new Radiohead album for free… The reason you are a jerk is because the business model Radiohead created is innovative, smart and important, and you should support that, no matter how little you can give.

We think they’re both jerks who should burn us a copy. That way get the album for free without our pesky conscience getting in the way.