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Rep. Murphy: White House Has Been ‘Terrific’ In Helping Push DADT’s Repeal. Huh?!

Rep. Patrick Murphy might soon have something to finally show off after all his bobbing and weaving over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, with the Murphy Amendment set to be attached to National Defense Authorization Act. And he’s not at all worried that Defense Sec. Robert Gates isn’t so pleased with the compromise!

Bless this man, who is last night on Rachel Maddow‘s program hit home all the reasons besides equality that DADT needs to go. It makes America safer. It saves taxpayer ($1.3 billion) dollars. But raise your hand if, toward the end of the interview, where Rachel asks if the White House has been a good working partner on repeal, and Murphy says they’ve been “terrific,” you believe him. Because from the looks of things, the White House would’ve happily sat on its hands were it not for folks like Nancy Pelosi and Carl Levin pounding on the gate.