Good news, homosexuals: you aren’t literally like ISIS, only metaphorically. That’s according to gibbering idiot, Colorado state representitive and talking pacifier Gordon Klingenschmitt, who has a radio show about Jesus and whatnot.

On a recent episode, Gordon complained about a stationary store in Arizona that was cited for violating nondiscrimination law. Then he talked about a report that ISIS fighters had murdered a gay man. And then he said they’re basically the same: religious police engaging in persecution.

This is, obviously, bonkers. Being told that you can’t have separate drinking fountains or that you can’t refuse to serve Jews or that you can’t turn away the gays is not the same as being thrown off of a roof. Sorry.

“We have religious police here in America that are doing the same, on a lesser scale, to the Christians here in America that the Islamic State is doing to the homosexuals in Syria,” he says. Nope, not even close. Those stationary store owners aren’t being punished for their beliefs! They’re free to believe whatever the hell they want! Go ahead and believe that gay people are gross, fine, go ahead, knock yourself out.

And in fact, if they wanted to extend that belief to their business practices, that would be fine too — if they were a private club, not open to the public. But the moment a business accommodates all members of the public, well, there are certain rules they have to follow. Religion doesn’t exempt you from having to wash your hands after using the bathroom, and it doesn’t exempt you from having to follow nondiscrimination laws.

Anyway, Gordon says that gays are “hiring religious police to metaphorically throw them off a roof.” No, not really. Bigoted business owners are walking off of roofs themselves, then complaining about the law of gravity.

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