Rihanna Has Been Moonlighting As A Life Coach For A Closeted Gay Fan

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While fan outreach is no doubt included in fine print on page sixty-six of the pop star deal with the devil contract, the steps one Robyn Rihanna Fenty (you know, the other Robyn) has taken to assuage a gay male fan’s coming out process are above and beyond.

The fan, who is choosing to remain anonymous, hit up RiRi on Twitter — we imagine a lot of people do — looking for some honest advice about how to be open with himself and the people he loves.

But whether or not Rihanna herself sifts through her DMs, or it’s the job of some underpaid PR staffer, his cry for help made it to the Bitch Better Have My Money singer.

She offered this guidance:


But this wasn’t just a one-time deal. Rihanna continued the conversation over the next month or so, acting as a totally unlikely, but completely legitimate sounding board, cheer leader and life coach to the fan.


But really though, how great is Rihann?


How does she even have this much time on her hands?


The fan is set to meet his idol, whom we’re sure he’ll be giving the longest hug of his life, during Rihanna’s Anti world tour.


h/t Buzzfeed

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  • redcarpet30

    This is how you get fans for life!

  • Brian

    You guys are so gullible. Rihanna is reportedly a fan of the music of Jamaican dancehall act Buju Banton. Look him ip – you won’t be pleased.

  • Brian

    Can anybody tell me one thing – yep, one thing – that Rihanna has done for gay male rights? I can’t think of anything.

    Did she attend a gay rights rally, did she speak out against North Carolina’s anti-gay law? I don’t think so. If she did, I didn’t hear it.

    She also appeared in a music video with Shakira where she did the fake-lesbian thing so beloved of no-talent female pop acts who are out to obtain attention. It was insulting to the GLBT community to say the least.

  • Invert

    @Brian: Bri-Bri you loveable mental case, google “Rihanna Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act”.

    Her specific comment on it was “F*ck that sh*t” and she made the crowd at a concert repeat it. That was just the first hit when I googled “Rihanna gay rights”.

    I do adore your rants and I’m used to you talking complete and utter shite but this time….actually, it’s no different from any other time. You’re still talking shite.

  • Brian

    @Invert: Why don’t you look at Rihanna’s love for the music of dancehall act Buju Banton? Look him up, sweetheart. It might enlighten you. If you can think straight, that is.

  • Invert

    @Brian: big deal, I listen to Azealia Banks and watch Woody Allen or Roman Polanski movies. I’ve even read an Orson Scott Card book.

    A person can enjoy the artistic output of someone whose politics they don’t agree with, dear. You’re being very simplistic because it suits your agenda.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Invert: For some one in their eighties and living down under (Australia was your claim) you really get around good, don’t you? PLUS you listen to that little marble headed girl who knows she is the one who instigated Chris Brown’s beating of her ass? Lord, I tell you. I am in my late fifties and hope me and my bad back are as nimble as you are once I make it to my “eighties”.

    In case you have amnesia go back to the five year old boy being coached.

  • Invert

    @Bob LaBlah: not sure where you got that I’m 80 from. I’m 43. I just went back and read our exchange on the other post and can’t see anything about being 80.

    Yes, I live in Australia, around 150 kilometres outside Sydney.

    I don’t quite grasp the rest of your point.

    I listen to all kinds of music and enjoy many forms of entertainment- such things are possible in the modern world of the internet and apart from that I think people in the USA might not be aware of the amount of American culture that we have access to. Australian culture is pretty much 30% American, 30% British 20% Australian 10% European and the rest indigenous and multicultural influences.

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