River Viiperi’s coconuts, Seth Falk’s new friend, & Ronnie Woo’s tasty plate

This week Meghan Markle was blamed for the death of Prince Philip, Caitlin Jenner considered a run for California Governor, and Leslie Jordan opened up about his unabashed gayness. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Sam Asghari took care of himself.

Indar Isaiah Smith cheesed in bed.

Daniel Garofali sold his own underwear.

Noah Beck moisturized.

Thaddeus Coates posed for Nike.

David Ortega sat on the beach.

Roberto Portales looked in the mirror.

Jack Falahee had a cuddle buddy.

Kelechi went for a walk.

River Viiperi drank from a coconut.

The Warwick Rowers relaxed at the pool.

Alex Landi represented.

Mark Miller made a crop top.

Daniel Justice wore a jock.

Yona Knight-Wisdom dreamed of a haircut.

Austin Mahone turned 25.

Seth Falk made a friend.

Ronnie Woo ordered four plates of carbs.

Christian Chávez walked around town.

Matt Dallas waited for his onions to grow.

Max Emerson and Andres Camilo stayed fit.

Austyn Farrell got real.

Johnny Middlebrooks spent Easter with the ocean.

KJ Apa hit the cover of Men’s Health.

Jake Bain wore plaid.

Derek Chadwick played singles.

Troye Sivan wore heels.

And Elliott Norris went low.