Robert Downey Jr. Brags About His Penis To A Bunch Of College Kids

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.20.47 PMYou’d think Cambridge students would display higher-than-usual levels of class, but from the looks of this interview with Robert Downey Jr., it appears that all college students are created equally.

During a recent appearance at The Union, a private society at Cambridge University, one student was getting bored of all the Iron Man and Sherlock talk.

Instead, he asked how big the actor’s penis is. But even more audacious than the question was Robert’s response.

Before a publicist could jump in and move the conversation along, he said this:


In which Robert Downey Junior responds to our question about his penis size… #TheTab

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In case you didn’t catch what he’s saying, he responds, “They don’t call me throbbing knob for nothing.”

Well now we know what to call him, too.