Rolling Stone Editor Giles Muhame Wants To Be The Wikileaks of Uganda’s Gays

Having already published the names and photographs of some 29 gays (some with home addresses), with an end goal of 100, Uganda’s Rolling Stone newspaper isn’t going to let a judge’s little order get in the way of its mission. The paper says that until a court reaches a verdict about the legality of publishing the names of known gays — who, by definition, are criminals in Uganda — it’s going to keep up the fun.

There’s some confusion over whether a judge’s extension of his initial injunction actually keeps the paper from publishing more names, Reuters reports.

Three gay activists — two women and one man — who were featured in the publication secured an interim injunction on Nov. 1 stopping the newspaper from publishing such photos on privacy grounds. The paper, “Rolling Stone”, has published some images under the headline “Hang them”. A High Court judge last week heard from lawyers representing both sides before adjourning the case ahead of a verdict on December 13. A row has now broken out about whether the injunction stands until the judge makes his ruling. “The interim order was first passed on November 1st and extended until November 26th while we prepared our case,” Giles Muhame, the 22-year-old editor of the newspaper, told Reuters. “The judge then said on the 26th that he would pass his final verdict on December 13th, which means it expired.” But Frank Mugisha, director of gay rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda, said his group believed the interim order stood until the day of the ruling.

And with any degree of leeway, it’s like Muhame, a student who believes he is not responsible for any violence aimed at the gays he named, is sure to continue his bout of terror. Until the court issues a final verdict, he wants Rolling Stone to run as many names as possible. “I hope basic justice will be done. Some people are even calling for public hanging and some others even want to see homosexuals buried alive.”

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  • Tallskin

    Sometimes violence is justified and this smug c*nt needs a good beating

  • adam

    Is South Africa the only civilized country in that whole continent? Besides the more tribal areas where people follow indigenous religions, oddly enough. Christian and Muslim Africa just seem dreadful.

  • Riker

    What sort of person could be this much of a monster as to call for violence against people who he has never even met and who are innocent in the matter? No real person could do that. Muhame is an animal.

    Situations like this are why capital punishment is still around.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Perhaps Barack Obama will condemn and disown his cousin. If memory serves me correctly, Mr. Odinga is Obama’s 3rd cousin.

  • TripleB

    Adam : The indigenous religions of Africa are no more “civilized”, believe me, and never were if you study its history. The vast and varied indigenous religions had some benevolent “pagan” stuff going on, but some pretty brutal stuff too (at least by our standards). Though that’s not just Africa, that can be said for other indigenous religions around the world. (And I’m not defending Christian or Muslim Africa either).

  • TripleB

    Tom : I’m not sure if that’s ever been determined. I know some dictators have claimed to be related to Obama, but it might just be b.s.

  • HAL

    Adam:South Africa may have a progressive constitution, but the attitudes of the black majority in this country are still deeply sexist and homophobic. The average South African man still sees women as his property and homosexuality as a western, imported disease. This is even the case for people in the higher echelons of the ANC and the government where sexist and homophobic slipups are the order of the day, just google some on Jacob Zuma, the president, to see yourself. There is an underlying support for an african nationalist agenda that would see the narrow values of the majority foisted on the minorities, obviously to the detriment of the constitution and the current status quo where all people are allowed freedoms to live their lives on their own terms. Its no surprise that South Africa voted for the amendment of the UN bill on human rights, removing sexual orientation from the wording, in contradiction with the countries’ constitution, but in line with ANC party sentiments.

  • jason

    Blacks are terribly homophobic as a culture. You only have to look at the music industry. Look at Motown, for Pete’s sake. Has Motown ever had an openly gay or bisexual male singer on its rolls? I doubt it.

    Blacks are nearing the point of no return as far as the sympathies and empathies of many reasonable people are concerned. They’re quickly deteriorating in many different ways, becoming a hateful culture.

  • TripleB

    Jason: We all know that (even those who won’t admit it) but as a white male I can basically stay out of it. I feel bad for those cool black gays (I’ve known some super-cool ones) who are more directly affected by African-American homophobia. Must be a real pain to deal with constantly.

  • afrolito

    No TripleB, it’s a real fucking pain dealing with constant racism from ignorant white fags like you.

    As soon as I saw this story, I knew it would bring out the usual dumb as fuck racists, who are obsessed with bashing black people as inherently homophobic, as if white people in America and Europe love the gays so fucking much. That must be why gay teens are constantly killing themselves, and gays still can’t get legally married, and serve openly in the military.

  • TripleB

    Actually, afrolito, I think the p.c. gay world was initially invested in African Americans being their allies against the big bad white racist homophobe/homophobe racist stuffy hateful white men in power, and things just……..seemed to go so..not that way. Part of their racism might be anger at the betrayal? I don’t know, just guessing.

  • afrolito

    Betrayal?? I’m sorry, because I didn’t get the memo that black people owed gays a damn thing…especially white gays. You and other racists are just making pathetic excuses for your own deep seated racism, and black people are always the perfect scapegoat.

    You and all the other racists on this site, could give two shits about the gays in Uganda or any other african country, because they’re black. Your faux outrage at this kind of homophobia is just an excuse to spew your own racist bullshit safely behind your home computer.

    Why don’t you direct your hate at your own white friends and family, since they are the overwhelming majority in this country, who continually deny you your right to marry, and serve in the military…when they take the time away from bashing your ass, ridiculing you in Hollywood, and driving you to suicide. Those aren’t guesses, they’re FACTS.

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