Ronnie Woo’s noods, Tom Daley’s sprint, & Michael B. Jordan’s desert ride

This week an antigay Hungarian lawmaker was caught fleeing from a gay orgy, Luke Evans discussed not hiding his sexuality, Ross Matthews revealed his dramatic weight loss, and gay sex was on the rise. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

André Hamann got the ocean in his hair.

Charlie King washed his hands.

Michael B. Jordan drove out west.

Phil Montana played with the dogs.

Eliad Cohen worked out on the beach.

Ronnie Woo announced a new book.

Garrett Swannn reflected.

Amini Fonua wore gloves.

Jack Laugher fed a friend.

Jim Newman rocked around the Christmas tree.

Joel Green got out of the pool.

Stacey Ervin Jr. had leg day at home.

Austin Armacost took a bath.

Pietro Boselli got a haircut.

Joey Graceffa transformed his body.

Jonathan Morgan oiled up.

Roberto Portales played tennis.

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo got some sun.

Luke Evans showed some nip.

Tom Daley did sprints.

Javi Perez shaved his whole body.

Jake Bain wore tie-dye.

KJ Apa played with his shadow.

Max Emerson served florals.

And Prince Royce got a perm.

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