Honest critique

But what does RuPaul REALLY think of Seth Myers’ shower bod?

If you’ve been gnawing at your toenails day in and day night war gaming out what RuPaul thinks of Seth Myers’ shower bod, stop gnawing.

In fact, sit straight up, administer some Visine drops (how long have you been awake over this, really?), and hit play.

In the below video, Mother Ru not only shares her thoughts on Seth Myers out of his signature skinny tie, he also gives a rather fascinating breakdown of why his hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, is so popular with young girls.

Watch below and take notes:

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  • He BGB

    Always good to see Ru on talk shows. I remember haVing his Frontier magazine cover up in my office back in the 90s in A very conservative company and people would come in and comment what a beautiful woman she was.

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