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  • Dwayne420

    What was that about the dog that barks the loudest? LOL Although I have to admit…crappyy and boring ad.

  • JLJ

    I think Ryan was sincerely appreciative. He dropped his pizza to [email protected] off.

  • iBLOW

    I think you guys understand what he was saying, he means that he was eating his FOURTH slice of pizza and dropped it because he was over eating, and wants to get a body like the model. The guy’s body made me self conscious and want to work out, even in the websites preview for the commercial you all said “It makes us want to hit the gym”

  • niles

    Dear Lester, read @iBLOW’s comment. Think before you type!

  • John Doe

    This article needs to be pulled. His tweet was completely misunderstood.

    Why does everyone have to always assume every tweet or statement someone makes is anti-gay?
    This is rather ridiculous at times – and this article proves how some people are too hyper-sensitive and always looking for something “anti-gay” everywhere.

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