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  • PerplexedStudent

    These stopped being funny when they started trying to capitalize on it. Lame.

  • Adam

    This actually revitalized the character. I’d like to see where he’s taking it (and also the MiO stuff didn’t seem as bad.)

  • Charlie


  • Red Meat

    Why do people always have to hate on product placement? Especially when they are not hiding it and are working with it instead of just putting it there like Shitney’s new video that flashes SONY into your eyes every other second.

  • Kevin

    Definitely better than the last couple, not sure how much I like the fact that he’s no longer advising fictional characters with so many great ones still out there (crossing my fingers for Anna Karenina), but at least he’s back to being entertaining.

  • Gordon

    Hate it!!!!! Even if I was planning to try MIO, I won’t ever do it now they’ve gone and ruined my favorite comedy bit.

  • Rando

    I originally hated the product placement as well, but I was willing to accept it when you see that not only are they gay-friendly, but they also allow him to be creative with showing it (e.g. see the Miss Haversham one).

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