School Just Started And They’re Already Banning “Gay” T-Shirts

Hoover High School student Sara Couvillon wanted to wear a shirt that said, “Gay? Fine By Me.” The school said that wearing it could put Couvillon’s safety at risk (even though she wore it plenty of times without any problems the year before). And even if a student did start trouble over her shirt, why not punish that student instead of denying Couvillon her right to free speech? So naturally the Southern Poverty Law Center has threatened the school with legal action. We’d be more interested if we hadn’t heard this tale before:

You’ve heard this school-bans-shirt story many times over with the following slogans: “Marriage is so Gay,” “Proud to be a Lesbian,” “I <3 Lady GayGay,” “Some Kids Are Gay… Get Over It,” as well as anti-gay shirts bearing slogans like “Be Happy, Not Gay” and “Straight Pride.” And in most cases the school usually sides with the gay shirts and isn’t sure what to do about the anti-gay ones.

Via Towleroad