Also: Did L. Ron Have Homo Son Offed?

Scientology No Road To Oz, Says “Gay Actor”

It’s raining Scientology books!

First came Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise tell-all, now author Ian Halperin turns his attention to the out-of-this-world religion. Hollywood Undercover chronicles Halperin’s adventures as a “gay actor” trying to join the church, which he says promised to cure him of his homosexuality. From the peppy press release:

In Hollywood Undercover, New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin poses as a gay actor to infiltrate the Church, which has long been rumoured to promise a “cure” for homosexuality.

In Halperin’s rollicking first-hand account — where he seeks the Church’s advice about how to become a movie star — he recounts his bizarre tour of the Scientology Celebrity Centre on Hollywood Boulevard and his visit to world headquarters where a Church cameraman documents his every move from behind a bush, and where an official offers to turn him straight through a series of courses called “auditing.”

Halperin also tracked down former Scientologist Michael Pattinson, who left the religion after eighteen years.

There’s so much more after the jump…

Here’s some video of Pattinson describing Scientology’s publicity-centric approach to sexuality: “I know that it’s very important for public relations that, within the industry, some of these people are seen to be straight, while actually being gay and trying to handle it through Scientology.” Pattinson also claims closeted cases have code named files – Maverick? – containing their deepest, faggiest secrets.
Meanwhile, in other Scientology news, a reader raised some lingering questions about founder L. Ron Hubbard’s death. Quentin Hubbard apparently had a yen for men, a big no-no for big daddy L. Ron.

Author Jon Atack writes in Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed:

Quentin had tried to measure up to his father’s expectations – he was one of the few top-grade Class Twelve Auditors – but he did not share his father’s temperament. By all accounts he was far too gentle to govern Scientology, or indeed to govern anything. All he wanted was to fly airplanes, and he often pleaded with his father to allow him to leave the Sea Org and do just that. He had disappeared several times in an attempt to escape. There was also an aspect of his nature which could never be reconciled with his father’s philosophy: Quentin was a homosexual.

Young Quentin died in 1976. Though Atack describes Quentin’s carbon monoxide poisoning as “self-inflicted,” Hubbard’s former assistant Robert Vaughn Young’s 1994 affidavit says otherwise:

Hubbard’s son Quentin also died under mysterious circumstances in 1976. He had disappeared from his home in Clearwater, Florida, and was found unconscious in a car next to the Las Vegas airport…

The engine of the car was on and a hose ran from the exhaust pipe (although it appeared to have fallen off when the authorities arrived) to the window, making it appear to be a suicide. But, like his father’s death, there were a number of nagging questions. For example, Quentin was found unkempt with a beard stubble, a state that no one who knew Quentin could accept. (He was ultra-meticulous in his appearance.) Or that the license plate of the car was missing and found under a rock some distance away. Or that his wallet was gone, making identification impossible. Or that a near-empty bottle of liquor was found, as if he had been drinking, when Quentin did not. Or that there were needle marks on his arms, when he did not use drugs.

Young’s affidavit also discusses how Hubbard used “sexual charges” against his enemies. Quentin did not have carbon monoxide in his system, says the coroner’s report.

So basically Scientology is not gay-friendly, possibly murderous and definitely fucking crazy.

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  • Dawster

    even after L.Ron Jr’s retraction of his Penthouse interview… the idea that Daddy possibly had Quientin killed has REALLY bothered me to no end… for years – and no one ever seems to bring it up.

    I mention it often… no one ever knows what i’m talking about – so thanks AB.

  • Jack Jett

    Wow…that is some really interestng stuff.

    Now I am going to have to read a book.

  • Pauline Soles

    I heard about this book on the radio. Can’t wait to buy it – I heard it got great reviews.

  • emily f.

    This is exciting, it’s about someone stood up to Scientology about the way they treat gays.

  • Neo

    Well, I can’t speak for anyone else. But as a practicing and partnered gay man, and Scientologist for over 25 years, I can only say that my personal experiences with Scientology have been wonderful and helpful to my life in every way.

    In fact, Scientology helped me come to terms with my homosexuality early on, and it was Scientology courses in communication and personal integrity that have given me tools to have such a great relationship with my partner for so many years.

    I have looked into the Quentin Hubbard story quite a bit, and I still really don’t know better than anyone else what the truth is. But keep in mind that this is a time period long before the US government made peace with Scientology. This was the mid-1970s, there were US raids on Scientology Churches, there were court cases flying back and forth, and we also now know that the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard were on Nixon’s Enemies list. If there were indeed “mysterious circumstances” around Quentin’s death, I think it far more likely that the US government was involved.

  • Jack Jett


    Thanks for the posting. Can you give us some insight on how “out” you and your partner can be in Scientology? As with most large groups, does a subset exist for the GLBTQ community?

    Do you know of other openly gay men and women in

  • WWH

    Silence from Neo. Notice he didn’t say that he is openly gay to the “church”.

  • Kerry

    And he’s suggesting it was the U.S. government that killed Quentin Hubbard. He also fails to mention that the U.S. government was infiltrated by Hubbard’s organization, that they were caught, and that 11 Scientologists including his wife, Mary Sue, went to prison for it while Hubbard was a fugitive from justice in international waters. What a guy. What were they doing infiltrating U.S. government offices? Google Operation Snow White. I don’t believe a word Neo said. He is demonstrating what Hubbard called “acceptable truths,” in other words, a lie, reserved for us “Suppressive Wogs.”

  • Terryeo

    That’s the dumbest series of mis-statements queerty has published.

  • Kerry

    “Mis-statements?” What does that mean? Is that in Hubbard’s lexicon? Are you and Neo hatted here to KSW?

  • Ryan

    Now, I’m not a religious man at all – and I’ll be the first to admit that most religions require the belief in the fantastic… but scientology does take the cake.

  • Alex

    Speaking of mysterious deaths, Hubbard’s own death raises it’s own set of questions. The Cororner’s report showed he had Vistaril in his system.

    Vistaril (AKA Atarax) is an antihistamine and a ‘psych drug’, something the Scios are supposedly dead-set against. Now in the CoS public statement on Morton’s book (linked to above), they *acknowledge* this, but claim that it for allergies, and deny that it’s a ‘psych drug’.

    Well, it IS an antihistame. But it’s also prescribed (by psychiatrists) against depression and anxiety.

    But the funny thing is: **The CoS says Hubbard had allergies?** I thought Dianetics was supposed to be a 100% cure for that?? :)

  • Andy

    ‘Neo’-interesting screen name for a Scientologist!You are in the Matrix!Wake up!L.Ron Hubbard was a homophobe and placed gay people very low on his ‘tone scale’He said that these people should be removed ‘quietly and without sorrow’.

  • todd

    Scientology? Is it a science? A religion? Why should it be tax exempt? It’s scarry. Is the father of Tom Cruise’s kids L. Ron Hubburd?

  • MikeinSanJose

    How can CoS be okay with Neo being a partnered gay man when the only sex permissible in the church is that which occurs between married spouses?

    I caused quite the scandal in the early 90’s when my org, knowing I was gay, sent me to ASHO for training. I was bunked in a room with 10 other guys, and happened to be sleeping about 10 inches away from a Brazilian ITO member. We wound up fooling around, right there in bed with everyone else sleeping around us. It came out in an auditing session and we were both sent home.

    Out-2D is a big no-no in the church – Out Ethics… unless you’re one of the big-wigs.

    Shortly after I graduated from the Delphian School in OR, The Headmaster and his wife, the Dean of Students and her husband, and the Director of the Office of Student Affairs and her husband all got divorced, switched partners, and the Headmaster and the Dean of Students got married, as did the Director of the Office of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students’ ex-husband. Somehow this was okay…

  • Neo

    To Jack Jett: re how “out” I am. I’m very out in Scientology — most of the folks at the Church I take courses at know that I’m gay and am partnered, as do most of my Scientology and non-Scientology friends. And I’m completely out with my whole family. Thanks to the Internet, I’ve conversed with about 40-50 gay and lesbian Scientologists from around the world, and I personally am friends and acquaintances with about half a dozen gay/lesbian Scientologists near where I live (I’m in LA, so the higher population of both gays and Scientologists helps.) :-)

    My partner isn’t a Scientologist, but he likes those “Scientology touch-assist thingies”. :)

    To Kerry: Re: some Scientology leaders going to prison. Yup, nearly 30 years ago this did happen, and the Church has openly recognized the mistakes of some of its leaders in the 70s, was re-organized with new leadership in the early 80s and discusses this in some depth on their website ( under the Common Misconceptions section.

    Overall, I think the Church has taken responsibility for those mistakes. And the US government seems to agree. After a multi-year, intensive study into the Church’s financials, leadership and activities in the late 80s and 90s, the IRS gave the Church full religious and charitable status and recognition. And the US State Dept., in its Annual Report on Human Rights, now supports Scientology’s religiosity, calling on countries like Germany to stop their human rights abuses against Scientologists (i.e. denying them participation in government, cancelling concerts of famous Scientologists, etc.) Further, there are NYC Councilmen, at least one District Attorney, journalists and religious and political leaders that are now big supporters of Scientology and/or its various programs.

    To MikeInSanJose: re: Sex outside of marriage. No, its generally not an issue for most Scientologists, unless you “join staff”. And it sounds like you might have done that. When you *work* for the Church (i.e. “join staff”), as opposed to just being a Scientologist who takes courses (like 95% of Scientologists), the expectations are different. Sex (particularly frequent, multiple-partner sex) outside of a committed relationship is generally frowned upon for staff members.

    My advice to anyone looking into Scientology would be to “make the Scientology philosophy your own” first, i.e. get some “me time” in, read the books , get some huge life-changing personal improvements, and make sure you really get what its all about. Joining staff is a pretty big commitment, and in my view, should really only be done by seasoned or experienced Scientologists.

  • Cos and Effect

    Neo, being a “Public” (plain parishioner) in Scientology, how do you justify LRH placing homosexuality at 1.1 on the Tone Scale…meaning “degraded being” and in “covert hostility?”

    Hubbard on Homosexuality: “Such people should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible and uniformly institutionalized; for here is the level of the contagion of immorality, and the destruction of ethics…No social order which desires to survive dares overlook its stratum 1.1’s. No social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst.”

    Sounds like you’re still new to the cult…and will have to pay a lot more money before you’re at the level where you’re high enough to have this reveled to you…perhaps when you’ve spent down to penury and are no more use to the “church” they’ll hit you with your “Suppressive Person” off-loading.

    Don’t fall for the early feel-good “wins” they’re feeding you. Scientology scripture and Hubbard (“Source”) are in fierce opposition to homosexuality. However, the “church” is willing to lie and take money from anyone at the lower levels.

    Unless you denounce your sexuality, you’ll never be allowed to enter even the first OT (Operating Thetan) level. Trust that.

    Google or Wikipedia Scientology’s highest ranking Gay man, Hubbard’s right-hand at St. Hill, “John McMaster”…tragic story.

    Poor John ended up dying in penniless in a one-room walk-up. As with everyone, you’ll be used until no longer “able.” Someday, just like sickm elderly, or Gay Sea Org staff, you’ll end up off-loaded by the “church” via the policy of “without sorrow.”

    Save yourself. As Hubbard said, “The way out is through the nearest door.”

  • Cos and Effect

    Remember: Any written word or utterance by Hubbard is considered in the “church” inviolable, unalterable, and eternal.

    The “church” cannot “denounce” any word of Hubbard’s scripture. Hubbard on the “elimination of homosexuals” is written down.

    Scinos use “Bait and Switch” from the first Comm Course all the way up through OT levels. Higher levels let you in on “why you needed to be lied to as a lower level.”

    You’re being conned, as you are a nice useful Public stat, money-wise at present. And, the church hides the intolerance and hard-core nature of the OT level revelations and subsequent belief demands.

    The Church of Scientology’s inventor Hubbard, was quite simply and openly homophobic. And his requirements for “The Bridge to Total Freedom” does not include anyone “Over the Rainbow”…as Hubbard wanted it…and made it so.

  • Cos and Effect

    Please, if you are gay, and a Public in the Church of Scientology, know the scripture you pay to learn at the higher levels demand you abandon your sexuality (unless you are a Celebrity, and can offer an extremely high level of what COS considers “exchange” to remain closeted.)

    Please consider finding another group of spiritual friends that honestly honor you for just yourself. If you’ve done the lower levels of COS you’ve just about gotten all the benign self-help they’ve stolen from other sources, anyway.

    The rest of the program is only progressively more expense for pain and sorrow. Good luck.

  • Neo

    Sorry, Cos+Effect, you’ve been largely misinformed. You’re simply repeating a lot of out-of-context information and/or aren’t looking at the whole picture.

    I’ve been involved with Scientology for over 25 years, and I’ve studied and been involved with it deeply. I’ve also looked deeply at the detractors’ side. As such, I have a pretty thorough understanding of Scientology and Hubbard — and their detractors — and I also recognize the fact that Hubbard’s views on a variety of things changed over the years including, in my opinion, homosexuality. The quote you provide was from 1950, and I don’t have a problem with the Church not “revising LRH’s writings” to please whatever group comes along requesting it. I’d rather see the system as it evolved in its pure form, than watch it get eroded by politically correct posturing. That also is an important element to us in Scientology.

    Hubbard, in 1950, also felt that women should stay home and raise the kids (a pretty common belief in its day), and suggested the same in a book also in 1950 (and which still exists in its same form, today) … but 20 years later, several women were at or near the helm of several Scientology churches. With Hubbard’s full support and blessing. And many remain their today.

    I also know, personally, at least one gay Scientologist who Hubbard personally knew in the 1950s/1960s, who was gay and out, and with Hubbard’s blessing, opened what became one of the largest Scientology Churches in Europe in the 1960s. This gay Scientologist now lives with his partner in Hollywood today, while he is working on one of the higher spiritual levels in Scientology.

    To all interested, you can get another — perhaps more neutral — perspective on Scientology and Homosexuality here:

    Finally, have their been individuals over the years that have brought their own “bible belt” mentality into Scientology and made it difficult for some to be openly gay? Probably. In my experience, this has changed considerably in the last 25-30 years in Scientology, and I can only tell you today that my experience being an openly gay and partnered person, while I continue to pursue Scientology as a spiritual path, is not a problem.

    (Note: The link I provide above provides the name of a Yahoo group [Clear Rainbow] where a bunch of us GLBT Scientologists get together to chat about the days/weeks events and welcome new Scientologists as they become involved.)

  • Joe

    If you have money that can be taken from you, scientology will initially say whatever you want to hear to start relieving you of that money. The ‘church’ of scientology’s aim is to propagate scientology with the sole purpose of taking as much money from as many people as possible. It stands to reason that scientology would not want to exclude such a potential source of wealth as the gay community, regardless of hubbard’s blatant homophobia. As long as you keep paying you’re keeping scientology working and your money’s as good as anyone’s.


    In fact Scientology is very anti-gay, of course for $200,000.00 and some “OT” course work they can cure you of your “gayness”. Scientology also believes in disconnect from families/friends, cold-turkey/8 hour steam showers for addicts, murder of psychiatrists, and a global world government. How fucking great is that? David Miscavaige is probably having sex with Phelps in that Hemut compound looking down on the labor camps where young people are slaving making e-meters all day without food.
    Scientology – it’s EVIL


    And BTW that’s what we call a “front group” neo. Ever heard of OSA? Scientology is a cult!

  • heynonnynonny

    Neo is not a public $cnist. He is an OSAbot, roaming around, looking for places to spread his lies and pretend to be an innocent.
    I was a $cnist for over 30 years and yes, I had some good things happen in my life, some positive changes occurred. So? That does NOT mean that the practices of $cn are okay, that they can go on harrassing critics, separating families, forcing young women to get abortions, threatening ex-members and acting like the victim of a hate crime every time someone speaks the truth about the “churches” crimes.
    Look Neo, you’re just doing your job. I understand. You know, Tory Christman did the same thing for years, working for OSA and writing positive stuff about $cn and attacking vigorously anyone who criticized her “church.” She finally was able to see the truth in what the critics were saying: Scientology tech is not the problem and is NOT what is being attacked — it’s the practices of this pseudo-church that are being attacked. Tory looked at the truth, something you are not allowed to do. You can only see/hear/believe what you are fed. Please, open your eyes. Mike Rinder finally saw the truth too. Why don’t you join us? Why don’t you help us clean up the mess made by Miscavige? Your church can be saved from complete destruction, but you need to take some responsibility too.

  • heynonnynonny

    Oh, and Neo not only is NOT a public $cn, he is certainly NOT an openly gay man. He may BE gay, but not openly in $cn and my money is on NOT GAY.

  • Kerry

    heynonnynonny, you are correct. Neo is hatted to “handle” the comments here. He is plopping down “acceptable truths,” i.e., lies, per Hubbard tech, and fantasizes that he acutally has an audience. He doesn’t. He goes on to say he wants the tech to remain “pure,” as it was when Hubbard wrote it in the 50s (as homophobic as it was, he forgets), and then he claims Hubbard changed his views on women, e.g., in those fifty years. Right. That’s why he let his wife Mary Sue go to prison when he was safe in international waters, I guess. Cognitive dissonance anyone? If Neo truly does read “the detractors’ side,” he would know that Mike Rinder blew the cult in the last few months. Oh, and he forgot the N.Y. city councilWoman (Lopez) got diselected following her partially Scientology-funded campaign – $300,000 + worth of Scientology slave labor, like he cares about RPFers and double-shifted staffers and Sea Org? Neo, you need to “get up to present time,” mate. Plus you keep getting ‘there’ and ‘their’ confused.

  • Bi-Coastal

    Scientolophobes ALWAYS, RELIABLY, CONSTANTLY, PREDICTABLY quote Hubbard on homosexuality from his EARLIEST two books– published in 1950 and ’51.

    That’s long before anyone had contacted past lives in their counseling.

    When this later research increased knowledge of the mind and soul, Hubbard did nearly a 180. Voila, he suddenly understood!

    So he then *specifically lectured* students so they could empathize with a person who had been female in a past life, but now finds him/herself in a male body. And, of course, the woman who had previously been male.

    He went on to say, “Homosexuality is about as serious as sneezes.”

    And: “How could you expect anything else?”

    Gay crew and students lived on Hubbard’s ship, the Apollo, when he was there.

    But the big lie is that Scientology-haters don’t want anyone to know ALL of Hubbard’s writings and lectures on this topic! They cherry-pick and select what they tell you.

    But Hubbard himself couldn’t have stated it more clearly!

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