This Sex Toy Manufacturer Is Being Sued For Spying


Standard Innovation is an umbrella corporation consisting of two separate sex-toy companies: the trippy-sounding We-Vibe and the much more specific Laid, the “first Norwegian company to design and manufacture products for sexual pleasure and wellbeing.”

A new lawsuit filed by an unnamed Illinois woman accuses Standard Innovation of spying: specifically, collecting intimate customer data like what vibration settings tend to get them going, and their individual body temperatures when feeling sexy.

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According to the suit, the “We-Vibe 4” toy was covertly squirreling away this specific and definitely private information while jabbing extremely powerful orgasms into its customers.

The toy apparently lets people who aren’t in the same place trade messages, start video chats, and remotely control the device from different locations. (“Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of ya,” Bzzzzt! “AAAGHHH!,” etc.)

The lawsuit takes umbrage with the fact that Standard Innovations failed to let customers know this data was being monitored, so ecstatically wriggling users of the We-Vibe 4 had no way of knowing their every overly stagey gyration was being tracked.

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As Pink News reports, this isn’t standard practice for large tech companies like Microsoft and Apple, who first ask users for permission before receiving diagnostic reports.

Eve-Lynn Rapp is representing the distraught Illinois woman who will never be able to look at a vibrating egg again without narrowing her eyes.

Rapp told Sputnik News that this dastardly toy was even tracking IP addresses, like a creepy ex-lover covertly planning the darkest vengeance.

“Given how personal the information is what the company was doing is inappropriate,” she says, explaining that the info was being used to increase market share and sale of their products.

The Illinois woman accuses Standard Innovations of violating client privacy by collecting this information without asking for permission.

The company has now revised its terms of service and specifically lets users opt out of the data tracking part of the device, just in case data tracking isn’t the sort of thing that really turns you on.