SHOCK: Boyzone Singer Stephen Gately Found Dead


Boybander Stephen Gately, who helmed the Irish pop group Boyzone with four others, was found dead on holiday in Majorca. He was 33.

One of the first high-profile pop stars to come out (some ten years ago), Gately, along with bandmates Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch, and Mikey Graham, sold more than 20 million records. In 2006, he wed Andrew Cowles.

Gately’s body was found after a night drinking; he didn’t wake up, a friend tells a British tab.

His last Twitter message, posted Oct. 6, read: “Still busy – lots going on. Focussing on finishing my book next so may be quiet here.”

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  • Jason

    CAUTION: This story is possibly false…………Well I hope so anyway.

  • sebastien

    Unfortunately this story is absolutely true . It’s on the headlines, here , in UK. Stephen was well loved in Ireland as much as in UK and I am myself deeply saddened by the news. All my thoughts to his partner and , his family and people who loved him.

  • spindoc

    Publicly came out while he still had some fame…unlike some that come out when nobody remembers them in hopes of getting some fame back (Lance). RIP Stephen, you brought the face of gays into the living rooms of the UK, you’ll be missed.

  • jason

    Unlike the gutless American singers, Stephen came out at a time when his band was enjoying popularity in the UK. You’d never see this with the American singers. In America, the rule is that you only come out if you’re old or your band no longer exists.

    My thoughts and condolences to Stephen’s family and to those to whom he was near and dear.

  • Lance Rockland

    Such a waste. My heart goes out to his family.

  • myles2go

    Jason, I could not agree more on your editorial on “Gutless” American Singers. Overseas, they have a wonderful, yet healthy way of dealing with the topic of sex and orientation. My heart goes out to his husband and his family. I also pray for the comforting of his band mates as well. It is a tragedy. I remembered reading my Towleroad newsletter and saw that, and my heart broke. I hope people will realize what they are missing if we do not enjoy the Miraculous Tapestry of Diversity in our World. God Speed Stephen-God Speed!


  • alan brickman

    So sad to see someone who came out at the top of his game…go out the same way…

  • naprem


    Basically, the upshot is that the two of them went out clubbing, picked up a third, and went back to their place. The husband then fucked the third in the bedroom while Stephen basically passed out on the sofa. In the morning they woke up and found his dead body – he’d choked on his own vomit.

    I’m afraid that’s something the husband won’t get over soon – he was fucking a stranger while his husband was dying in the next room.

  • sebastien

    The bulgarian guy denied having sex with Andy Cowles. He knew them before . It is not our business to determine what happened before . No one was in this house and no one read the police reports as far as I’m concerned.

    I understand that , once again, the bitches of the gay world want to seek attention , but before anyone spit their venom, wait for the facts and only the facts.

    And even if they did it, do you have ,NAPREM, to say things in such a way?

    There ‘s not enough shit to take from the straight world , we have to deal with it in our own….Sad …

  • Carver

    “In the morning they woke up and found his dead body – he’d choked on his own vomit.”

    If that’s true, at least he’s in good company. He joins the ranks of Cass Elliot and Jimi Hendrix

  • Ellie

    It was the first time they had met the Bulgarian and the Bulgarian admitted he was “nervous” and needed “to speak to Andy” before commenting. These are the facts. Stephen and his husband took him home for one or both to get intimate with and paid with Stephen’s life. That is the world they choose to live in and the price they paid for indulging in their fantasies.

    What was the point of a civil partnership if they were going to continue engaging in this sort of behaviour? Marry in haste repent at leisure Andy!

  • FRED

    It is a terrible story. Cruel to know that someone is more concerned about having sexual intercourse with a stranger than caring about his (drunk) partner. Maybe Stephen had one drink more than he should because he was unhappy with Andy’s preferences in life. We’ll never know.

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