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Should ‘Speedo Student’ Be Kicked Out of College For Jerking Off In the University of Hawai’i Classrooms?

Since at least January, Tim, a gay 22-year-old senior at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa, has been recording himself masturbating, and uploading the videos to Xtube. He goes by the username “SpeedoStudent1,” which represents his fetish for all things Speedos, Lycra, and jocks; he got his first Speedo at age 19 and has been hooked ever since. The earliest video of him on Xtube is called “First load of 2010.” He is, plainly, an exhibitionist, and for the titillation of his fans (he has 2,286 on Xtube) and his own self-satisfaction, decided to traverse his college campus and record himself in Speedos, sometimes aroused, in each classroom he took a course in. With the help of a friend working the camera, he managed just that — even without receiving class credit! In one video, titled “Classroom speedo jerkoff,” he masturbates to completion on a desk. And then he learned the lesson of posting anything to the Internet: It’s very public. And even college administrators know how to use the WWW. Tim says he started blogging and posting photos because “after I came out earlier this year [2009], I discovered I love showing off in front of a camera. Taking naked or nearly naked pictures is both arousing and artistic for me. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy the thought that other guys might be getting off on it too.” He chose his username, not surprisingly, because “I have a big fetish for speedos. I always tan and swim in them and wear them as underwear most of the time. Most of what I put up here will hopefully have to do with speedos, but I’ll make sure there are plenty of nude pics too.” Indeed, there are plenty of nude photos of him around, and while we won’t link or post them, Google is your friend. Among those photos is a series of him in University of Hawaii classrooms, snapped in January-February. He describes the endeavor: “In my twist on that I’m going to be taking speedo pics all over the UH Manoa campus, inside and outside of the buildings and in all the noticeable locations I can find. In this part I decided to document all the classrooms where I’ve had classes over the past year…and to do it in my speedos 🙂 I’d be lying if I pretended I didn’t get a kick out of standing in these rooms that are packed with college kids five days a week, or sometimes sitting in the same seats I always occupy during class, in nothing but a speedo. Oh, to see their faces if I actually walked in dressed like that…but I couldn’t do that, I’d probably be hard and dripping from the excitement, and some of these speedos are very revealing…” Not surprisingly, administrators found out about it: “Apparently my last video update, the jerkoff scene in the classroom, is causing quite a controversy on campus, which I’m only finding out about in little bits and roundabout ways. The harassment actually hasn’t been coming from individuals, but from the university itself. Instead of coming to me with their viewpoint, whoever disliked that post used the student coduct code to bring allegations of unsafe and indecent conduct against me.” It’s unclear what disciplinary action might be in store, but he says not everyone is against him: “This is an enormously stressful and disappointing situation. I’ve spent most of the past week on the verge of crying from mental fatigue. So I was very cheered to receive a couple of messages this afternoon from instructors here at UH who are actually applauding what I’ve done. One of them commented directly on my earlier post, so you can read his own words there. The other one came up to me during the LGBT coffee hour this afternoon, thanked me for the important cultural work I was doing with the blog, and told me to keep doing it. It was the strongest positive response I’ve ever had. So thank you both very, very much.” Now what Tim sees as an innocent project in exhibitionism, he sees his college’s attack on it as an affront to … gay rights. Huh.
As much as I love showing off on here, this blog has in fact developed an equally important second purpose. That isn’t exactly to campaign against homophobia or to support gay rights. One blog can’t do much in that direction anyway. No, more precisely, the blog and its visual contents are my way of speaking out about the place of pornography within the gay community and society as a whole, by making it more personally relevant. It was a shock to me the first time I ran into visible opposition to it from other gay guys. I had assumed that since they themselves were likely to be the targets of discrimination or intolerance because of their sexual identity, they would be more accepting of different behaviors even if they didn’t choose to participate themselves. I’ve since found out that I was very wrong. In spite of the fact that just about all of them do look or have looked at porn, and that the gay community lacks much in the way of its own celebrities or identifying figures other than pornstars, they don’t seem to be willing to have those connected with porn anywhere near them. I’m far from being the first gay guy I’ve heard about who has suffered from this form of discrimination. From all appearances, instead of being genuinely willing to think outside the box, gays simply encase themselves in a different box. The walls are still up, the biases are still in place. Only the minor details have changed. Personally, I find this attitude hurtful and disappointing. On a larger, impersonal scale, it’s actually very damaging to the cause of gay rights. Here in Hawaii there is particular reason to be concerned with this aspect of the question, since the legislature recently shelved the bill that would have allowed civil unions here. If disliking A’s behavior is sufficient reason for B to condemn him, then the gay rights movement has no footing at all, since such an attitude accepts that personal prejudice is a valid ground for legal discrimination. That is not the tolerance and acceptance that the LGBT community is so fond of referring to.
If there was going to be any indication Tim planned on backing down from his fight to photograph himself nude in classrooms, it would likely be his removal of his Xtube videos, blog posts, and photos. But he hasn’t; they all remain online, although there haven’t been any updates since the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, the university appears to be leveraging its own attack. A report about his antics appeared in the crime beat section of student newspaper Ka Leo:
A UH student has been endangering students by leaving his body fluids on desks in many classrooms. His blog, Hawai‘i Speedo Student, shows pictures and videos of himself masturbating in buildings such as Kuykendall, Moore, Webster, Physical Science, Watanabe and possibly more. He is currently being investigated for violating student conduct codes. Please take appropriate precautions like disinfecting desks and washing hands frequently. He is self-described as 5 foot 7 inches with frizzy blond hair, blue eyes and a slim build. Do not attempt to approach the student. If you notice him or anyone else exhibiting sexually deviant and psychotic behavior, call Campus Security at (808) 956-6911.
And the University of Hawai’i-Manoa’s Twitter account posted this campus warning: “if you see ‘Hawaii Speedo Student’ on campus, do not approach him–call Campus Security.” Now, he’s an outlaw. Or at least a wild mountain lion roaming campus looking for prey. Whether he’ll be suspended or expelled, or just ignored, remains to be seen. But it’s sort of like: What did you think was going to happen? Nobody on the Internet would be able to identify you? And nobody at the university would know who you are? And nobody in the administration office would care that you were filming amateur porn artful photography in their classrooms? There are certainly worse people in the world, and worse people on college campuses. And aside from his tendency to spread himself out on classroom chairs shared by other students, it’s not like he has inflicted much harm. (Okay, it would’ve been nice if he bleached the desk after cumming on it in “Classroom speedo jerkoff.”) But to University of Hawai’i brass, he’s harming the school’s image, probably violating its code of conduct, and appears to be promoting sexual deviancy. So they will crack down. And should they, we’d hasten to say it’s an affront to gay rights, or discrimination against campus queers, but rather just an attempt to keep students from abandoning all standards of decorum. We’d imagine they would do the same if a straight guy, straight girl, or straight guy-girl combo repeated the feat. If this doesn’t go his way, and he’s kicked out of school, we’d recommend Tim turn to a career in porn. But alas, even that door seems to be closed: “I’m very unhappy about something right now and I need to vent about it, childish as it may be. Why is it that every guy I really want to be with, every porn studio I really want to work with, couldn’t care less about me? More importantly, why do they both pick guys who are less attractive and less enthusiastic over me? That kind of thing hurts me a lot, way more than just rejection would. Okay, maybe I’m overrating myself. Maybe all the attention I’ve gotten online has gone to my head and convinced me that I’m hotter than I really am. But let’s assume that I am a reasonably attractive young guy with a pretty good sex drive and a relaxed and entertaining, if quirky, personality. What is my problem? What is it about me that makes me unwanted by those I want the most?” On the following pages: A gallery of Tim’s time at University of Hawai’i-Manoa. Inside the classroom, Pages 2-21. Other photos, Pages 22-66.

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  • Frank

    Where´s the money shot?

  • bystander

    Ya….. sorry, if you jack off in a classroom you get kicked out of college. Thats just the way things are, no one wants to walk into a classroom with spludge on their desk.

    Kick the Fucker out.

  • TommyOC

    I want to go to there…

    …and be his classmate.

    (But yeah… jerk off in class and don’t be surprised if they don’t want you showing up anymore.)

  • Paschal

    What kind of people are in the university that someone would go up to him and congratulate him on his work. The world has gone mad.

  • Andrew

    This is not about gay rights as Speedo Boy claims – its all about managing an exhibitionist who has poor judgement on what is appropriate behaviour.

  • Cam

    Andrew and I are on the same page. I’m not sure where I see the tie in to somebody not being allowed to jerk off alone on camera in a public school room, and the rights of gays. Just because a person IS gay doesn’t mean that every single thing they do is an expression of gay civil rights.

  • Jerry Priori

    Expel him? Give him an A+! Hell, give him an A++!

  • MP

    This has nothing to do with gay rights or freedom of expression. He is masturbating on public property, and is doing so with little or no regard for his fellow students. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, male or female, this is extremely inappropriate and he should learn that there are repercussions for poor choices. Expel him.

  • Ben

    Did this article really need 66 pages of photos? Gawd.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I agree with the other comments, in that jacking off in a uni class room and recording said sessions to be posted online was foolish. But let’s face it, if he were a female student, would he be a wanted criminal? And who exactly saw his Xtube videos, and decided that he needed to be punished? Find that closet case rat and out him, so he feels the same torment from his co-workers, that this guy is experiencing.

  • Nick

    He looks kind of crazy

  • AndrewW

    If he just needs another location ….

  • Jeff K.

    What’s the big deal? It’s no more dirty than sneezing in public. 😛

  • DR

    This really isn’t appropriate (neither is Queerty giving us how many pages of this kid in Speedoes). It’s a public place, anyone could have walked in at any time, and yes, there are the hygienic issues. I’m not sure about expulsion, but clearly this kid needs to learn about the whole concept of “proper time and place”. Dorm room sessions, well, you can lock the door and wash your own sheets… but a classroom? Yeah, no, not so much. Ewww.

  • Oh Boy

    He is cute and sexy, but like other people have written, don’t twist it around and make it about something political when you get off on being an exhibitionist. If you are going to do something like that – do it from home.

    Furthermore – it is just really, really unsanitary. Even if he is cleaning up after himself.

    Classic example of young and poor judgement getting stupid with technology. As someone in their thirties, I am so glad the Internet wasn’t around in my teen years.

  • Jay Bird

    “And should they, we’d hasten to say it’s an affront to gay rights, or discrimination against campus queers, but rather just an attempt to keep students from abandoning all standards of decorum.”

    I agree with what you’re saying, but this sentence makes no sense. I assume you mean: ” … we’d hasten to say that it’s NOT an affront …” etc. ?

  • Kieran

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to hold Tim in detention for the next few nights.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    He’d be perfect for a remake of Howdy Doody.

  • axos

    The guy is an idiot. He intrudes on other people’s rights by using university classrooms for his stunts. He can be an exhibitionist all he wants somewhere else, like a forest or abandoned building. Or strip at a club and get paid for it. Now, he’s just self-occupied as well as self-righteous.

  • Wheaton

    I got the point about halfway through, I believe. Not sure this warranted 2,000 words (or whatever excess it is). Cute kid, dumb move.

  • Mike

    It is a certainty that this kid is reading this post. So please let me say here: you are a 10. Completely hot in every way.

    So if you are having trouble getting a bf and/or landing a porn gig, the problem has to lie in your demeanor and emotional state. Looks are not the problem. The fact that you try to justify your j/o conduct by linking it with gay rights says something. Try to mature a bit. Tone down the exhibitionism and don’t let your exhibitionist preference spill over into narcissism.

    Good luck to you.

  • delurker

    Expel the fool.

  • Chip

    Tim, there are some rough edges about what you’ve done. But there is a tremendous core of health at the center of it. Salút!

  • Chip

    And p.s.–if you like speedo’s, have you tried g-strings?

  • Chitown Kev

    All around hottie, esp. the feet.

    But…really, now, the university is well within their rights to be rid of him.

  • James Davis

    Some thoughts.

    1. In the classroom = totally inappropriate
    2. While I agree it’s not about LGBT rights, I still have to wonder if this had been a straight girl would it have ended with the same punishment. If so then he deserves his fate, if not then it most certainly is about equality. We will probably never know though.
    3. Mr. SpeedoStudent1 is Hot

  • Dwight

    yeah…thanks for that queerty…umm I feel dirty and idiotic after looking through 3 of those pages. This post is pointless.

  • Ian

    Well he seems an obvious evolution into the gay porn industry, to be sure! Don’t know which one’s you’ve checked out Tim, but there are ALOT of both professional and amateur movies and sites to find work at, and you seem to have the goods to make a go of it!

  • EWE

    Yeah i have to agree. There are reasons for having some rules and he broke them. Those classrooms are not his personal space. Perhaps he should be suspended for a year instead of expelled. We all make mistakes.

  • mark

    5 photos of this guy would have been ample, someone here must like him a lot more than I do.

  • tofer david

    totally hot vids on xtube

  • stevenelliot

    @tofer david: I agree. I just watched a couple of them and man! does that boy have a sweet body. I thought his ding dong would be small, but its beautifully proportioned. A+ he can jack at my house and I’ll hold the camera hehehe

  • Tylertime

    This guy was smart enough to get into college? Maybe the school is upset because it speaks to the caliber of students attending the institution. Expel him. Let’s see if working in porn pays his bills. He would be better off getting a 9 to 5 job.

  • Ian

    @stevenelliot: Tim has definitely helped me to fulfill all my Christopher Atkins Blue Lagoon fantasies from my youth in his hot pics & vids!

  • Anyway

    The kid is smoking hot and his Xtube videos are blazing.

  • romeo

    Bless his curly little head. I wish more college students would show this kind of dedication and focus.

  • ossurworld

    Another example of fifteen minutes of fame, or infamy.

  • HayYall

    Haters gonna hate.

    In my perfect world, speedo-clad cuties would whip it out where they want and pump a load on whatever.

    I guess your world is sad and much more circumspect.

    Oh well! To each their own.


  • Pete

    What would have been better is if he attended BYU-Hawaii

  • romeo

    Seriously, is there a Brigham Young in Hawaii? Those missionary boys always work in twos don’t they?

  • Dasher

    He has 5 videos, only one I think is in a classroom, the money shot is in the middle of a large conference table where it’s unlikely anyone will get to touch it, especially since his fingers transfer it to his mouth.

    Some young guys don’t look good in speedos…this kid does, and it really shows his nalgas well too.

    The video of his you want to see is “Not exactly a speedo” where there is no speedo at all, and he gets down to business in only 2:05 or so.

    If you like cut twinks that are big in the whanger, then the video gets two thumbs up.

  • TheProfessor

    Oh Lord, what a delusional moron. Whenever I think I cannot be surprised by the stupidity of the human being, someone always punctures that bubble.

  • james_cambridge

    Fucking idiot! Does he really think anyone wants to sit on a chair or use a fucking table that has his spooge on it? You’re a freak (no judgment but he is), you had your fun, now live with the consequences and don’t try to justify the unjustifiable. He’s like the military guys who do gay porn…what the fuck do you think is going to happen when you get caught? I suggest he put his energy towards something more appropriate. Like doing a gay porn remake of Howdy Doody.

  • B

    No. 4 · Paschal wrote, “What kind of people are in the university that someone would go up to him and congratulate him on his work. The world has gone mad.”

    It seems (according to what QUEERTY actually wrote/quoted) a couple of people congratulated him on his blog, one about an earlier article. It’s not clear what they were looking at but they might not have meant the amateur porn in any case. It depends on what appeared on his blog versus what appeared on the amateur porn site. They might have just seen pictures of him wearing speedos and the comments he got might have been made before the people making the comments knew about the porn.

  • gomez

    66? that’s balls, queerty

  • Steve

    Chalk it up to academic freedom.

    College is a time for students to learn, both about the world and about themselves. If there is a specific published policy in the student handbook that prohibits this, then enforce that policy. Otherwise, they should let it go. Any attention by the administrators will do nothing but harm the academic environment.

    A few decades ago, a student at Berkeley decided he didn’t want to wear any clothing at all. So he went around naked. That lasted several years, if I recall correctly. He was finally expelled for something else.

    Hawaii could be an ideal place for a student to be naked, 24×7, year round. If he reads the policy publications carefully, he might even get away with it.

  • zenflo

    66? That’s 132 balls, Queerty.

  • delurker

    Speedoboi=33,478 views (and counting) and 47 responses (and counting)

    Posts about alleged hate crimes, unfair laws against gays, DADT, HIV/AIDS, etc.=collective meh

  • me

    Glad he showed his feet!

  • Sexy Rexy

    Oh, but he’s so BLOND and HOTT – of course it’s homophobic to expel him from school. Omigod, don’t you guys, like, know ANYTHING???

  • David Ehrenstein

    Expel him — and bring him to me!

  • Lucius vorenus

    He must be on drugs, poor kid. He totally lost his judgement.

    On the other hand, he is very hot and cute. I would like to make love to him, yes.

  • jeffree

    jacking off in a locker room would maybe be hot but a regular classroom ? ? well that seems unsexy boring and i wouldnt want to use the seat where he’s sprayed his junky juice. but i am sighning back up for xtube now probably!

    punishment for him should be cleaning up the classrooms with lysol and rags wearing tight jeans! videos, pleeze, if that happens haha

  • Ian

    “In my perfect world, speedo-clad cuties would whip it out where they want and pump a load on whatever.”

    You my friend have just described HEAVEN 🙂

  • MP

    It’s funny that anyone would dare make some tacky incoherent comment about what he does it hot, or how if he was a girl it would be different. This dude somehow believes rules don’t apply to him, that because he’s gay he has a right to jerk off in a public university – video himself doing it – post those videos – and expect that somehow his sexuality would make it ok. It’s classless, and gay or straight, he should expect that his conduct would be subject to the same rules as anyone else. Beauty fades, stupid lasts forever. If equality is our goal, then he has to be subject to the same rules as anyone else. To the people who are oddly turned on by this, GET A LIFE.

  • delurker

    @MP: “…or how if he was a girl it would be different.”

    A lot of gay people say this, or complain, it they were straight, this wouldn’t be an issue. There are time when double standards are clear an wrong. But this guy is an arrogant idiot (lovely combo) and deserves whatever negative repercussion is coming to him.

    Apparently many queerty commenters have a fetish for muppets with muscles. Whatever floats their boat…

  • Ken S

    He’s nicely shaped, but not very bright if he thought he could jerk off in a classroom, put it on the most readily-accessible public venue in human history (teh interwebz), and that no one would find out or care. Seriously? You thought that would fly?

    At the same time, I can appreciate the argument that our society’s horror at public masturbation (and indeed, towards subversive, anti-authoritarian expressions of sexuality in general) is a prudish, neurotic hang-up, and that it’s legitimate to ask what’s *so* unacceptable about the enjoyment of our bodies. After all if sexuality is one of our most basic instincts, to which we’re all entitled (and a creative one, at that, unlike our violent tendencies), then why should it be so constrained to “proper” spaces… besides hygienic considerations 😛

    But that’s an academic argument; as things are, there’s no excuse for thinking you can violate a taboo like that and just get away with it. I’m all for working at liberalizing cultural attitudes towards sex, but you also have to know when you’re crossing a clearly-defined (if arbitrary) social boundary and not try to pass yourself off as all unwitting and innocent when people take issue with it.

  • Ian

    “If equality is our goal, then he has to be subject to the same rules as anyone else.”

    I lOVE the people in life who are NONconformists and break traditional and “taboo” boundaries created by uptight prudes.

    “To the people who are oddly turned on by this, GET A LIFE.”

    Hello uptight prude, should we get those lives with cloth covering Burka’s, and whip ourselves with wet noodles daily to punish ourselves for seeing our ankle from under said Burka? Might I suggest YOU ‘get a life’ by LOOSENING UP A LITTLE!!

  • Dasher

    But sex is dirty, even if it’s with yourself, especially if splooge surges out and contaminates surfaces.

  • Ian

    OMG, some of the guys on here simply HAVE to be republican closet cases, “Oh lord, cum is BAD, cum is CONTAMINATED and diseased!!!”

    Well I as a gay man say, I LOVE CUM!

    You old in the head & heart ninnies act like confederate southern women about to get the vapors! It’s CUM, not toxic waste! It dries up, you wipe it up and it WON’T seep through skin to give cooties (or real concerns like HIV).

    Thank God and the Buddha for giving us young & horny 20-somethings who live & love to squirt it out!

  • EWE

    @Ian: oh come off it. There is a time and a place and i don’t think the majority of twenty somethings would be as gung ho as you. I guess you would be just as accepting if “two girls and a cup” were filming in your math class? lol

  • Pickles

    He’s a college student. You’re supposed to do stupid, drunk, naked stuff when you are in college.

    Surly there is some other way to reprimand him besides expelling him. It seems like overkill to me.

    He didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t cheat on a test, he didn’t destroy school property or steal anything.

    Make him clean up the room and promise to do his jerking off in his room or somewhere not accessible to the public.

    I’ve seen more explicit scenes in school performance art productions on campus than a dude jerking off on camera and wearing a speedo.

    Folks are taking this way too seriously and if you think homosexuality had nothing to do with it, you’re kidding yourselves.

    Expulsion is a very serious punishment for a not very serious deed.

    Make him do community service on campus or something.

    Frat boys have made streeking a national past time, they have circle-jerks and undie parades and get up to all kinds of shenanigans on camera and they don’t get expelled, they get warnings and they get punishments.

    If you can’t be silly and naked and a bit full of yourself in college, when can you be?

    Folks have no whimsy. Sigh…

  • Dasher

    @62 — You’re right, Pickles, str8 frat boys have done things that are much worse (and messier), like peeing on pledges and vomiting after binge drinking. Compared to these atrocities, the twinky speedo boy seems like an all-American hero.

    Except he’s gay. So he will be punished out of proportion to what he did.

  • jeffree

    it’s one type of stupid to masturbate in a place where theres probably security cams & guards but its a bigger kind of stupid 2 record then post those vids using idenifiable location or say where the vids were made.

    i wonder if him being caught was on purpose or part of his thrill. i dont believe this was art or a protest or making a statement, it’s just him carrying out a fantasy & not being smart enough 2 cover the trax!!

    he likes showing off his body in forbiden places & sharing his vids. So he shouldnt complain if he got caught becaue he made his personal turnon into a public display. he wants attention & now he got it, both bad & good attention, & that maybe is all he was looking for.

  • allstarecho

    Umm, yeah, expel him immediately. This isn’t about gay rights or discrimination – no one should be jerking off in classrooms, straight or gay. Him even making this a discrimination or gay rights issue is what pisses me off about our community. Being gay isn’t a license to be a dumb ass.

  • Kevan

    I don’t have any problem with him getting naked in a classroom, jacking off, even filming it. There’s a thrill in the deal, so good for him

    The only thing I’d object to is the cumming on the desks and not cleaning it up. No, there’s no risk of disease from dried splooge (Nervous Nellies on here to the contrary) but it does seem a little inconsiderate of his fellow students.

    He’s not going to be happy until he’s a porn star.

  • me

    The guy needs to take his Psych meds.
    Now can we please get better shots of his feet?

  • Rainbow_Warrior

    The University of Hawaii has almost no greek culture and the only frat associated with UH to have a house is off-campus, monitored both by HPD and campus security. UH has no animal house antics and their parties are pretty boring.

    The UH president MRC Greenwood is a lesbian (she actually was forced to resign as Vice Provost at UC Davis because she hired her partner and her partner’s son for kush no-work positions), so saying this is because he is gay and universities are homophobic doesn’t apply to UH.

    Would you all be cool if a female student were to smear her lady lubricants in a lecture hall?

  • marc

    last time i checked, our community is all about pushing the boundaries of people’s perception of sexuality and gender. lgbt persons are sexual beings as well as human beings and in my opinion, sometimes mainstream heteronormative society needs to be reminded of that. i think we spend too much time trying to distances ourselves from sex as a means to legitimize our community that we’ve created in the minds of “straight” people this stepfordesque picture of what gay is e.g. two white-male ken dolls that have a beautiful house in the suburbs and an adopted african-american baby.this is also the picture we see time and time again in the media e.g Will&Grace, Desperate Housewives, & more recently Modern Family. not that there is anything wrong with that i thoroughly enjoy those shows and i know that there are families that do look like that in our community, but there is a wide spectrum of lgbt person out there. the point is we all don’t look the same and we have sex, which is a beautiful thing. maybe just maybe we need people out there like speedo boy reminding people that we are sexual beings because if you think about, whether we like or not, lgbt persons are always associated with sex which for some reason turns a lot of people off. it isn’t right, but it’s true so maybe if we ourselves stop stigmatizing sex than we could get people beyond that and move forward towards accepting us. speedo boy puts our sexuality out there for the world both the gay and the straight world to see, i applaud him.

  • fuckmeonthedeansdeskspeedoman

    No matter what, his education should be the most important factor here. You shouldn’t deprive that paid service. And as long as the guy wasn’t exposing himself to others students and staff he wasn’t doing anything illegal technically? Sounds like a morality against law myself. And sperm is disease free within 8 seconds after coming in contact with oxygen. Oh no! Killer gay sperm, straight retards run to the media and judicial consequences. People are too worried about the dumbest and harmless actions and not what’s priority and actually worth the attention, time, punishment, or needful of honest change. @kk1dkillcunt

  • fredo777

    I think that “warning” released was a way over-the-top response.

  • Klarth

    TO be honest, his whole whine about being rejected by the porn industry harms his whole position. He’s trying to act like he’s doing this big performance piece with this, and making it about gay rights, but then he really seems to just be using it to make a porn career happen. Go apply to SeanCody or Corbin Fisher already and be done with it.

    And the cum on the desk was dumb. How did he not think that was going to be a problem? It’s still a bodily fluid. Would we want people cumming all over the tables and counters we eat at in restaurants? Would you want to use a public toilet with a load on it?

    That is a very personal thing, and he is basically inflicting that upon whoever sits there next. I don’t know how much of a health risk it is, but it was certainly tacky.

    I get the exhibitionism thing. I have a touch of it myself.
    But I would never go as far as he did. He would probably be fine if he had stuck with the pictures in his speedo, instead of getting all excited and jerkin’ it like that. It was a serious error in judgment. I think kicking him out is a bit extreme, but he should be censured. Frankly, I don’t think I’d want to stay at the school if it was me, anyway.

    Why was he taking these with his face in the shot, anyway? I assumed his face and distinguishing characteristics would be blurred or cut off. I was shocked to actually see his face. Of course someone was going to find it.

    I wonder, though, who it was that discovered it on XTube and squealed, though. I think I would have sent the guy a message first that he should take it down and not do that anymore, and left it at that.

  • DR


    I have to wonder how old you are. Our community, such that it is, has been there and done that already (for decades, thanks!). Most of us are over it. We are who we are, and that’s it. That doesn’t mean we need to break the law with public sex to prove we’re sexual beings. We’re MORE than just sexual beings, thanks. At least I am.

  • Chad

    I’m not usually this blunt. But, I can’t help myself. There is one place he wouldn’t have to worry about getting kicked out of, and that is my bed. Another pun would be that the only expulsion would involve fluids. Even though I agree what he did here wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I still find it hot.

  • Michael

    Would I do it? No. But – I think it’s hot…and he obviously thinks it’s hot too. He doesn’t see it as an issue because he views sex and sexuality in a different way than most people. Is that wrong? I don’t think so.

    Do I think he should be punished? Yes. That’s the whole point, though, isn’t it? That’s what makes it so hot – the fact that you could get caught. Well, he happened to get caught doing what many other people have done (sexual acts in school buildings)…and he should pay the consequences. It’s one of those things that sucks and that people do frequently (sex in public places) but it’s something that would obviously be frowned upon in a clear majority of society. If I did this, I would be conscious of the fact that, if found out, I would get in trouble. Like I said, though…if I had the desire to do it and it felt natural, that wouldn’t stop me. It’s a risk you have to take if that’s what you’re into…and that risk is what makes it exciting.

  • Dick

    He seems to be shy about showing his butt.

  • Chad

    @Michael: Well said!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Tim is quite the hottie from his blond curly hair, tan to speedos. I found one of his videos below. At 11 minutes he sporting quite the *ard on.


  • Matthew Rettenmund

    He’s just using art as a masquerade for a fetish (fetishes are great, but his seems to be ruling his life inordinately, like those compulsive barebackers who chronincle their exploits). If he were not young and in good shape, he would be far less tolerated than he already is. He should be bounced. He seems to want to get into porn (and bemoans the fact that people less attractive than he are always chosen over him…total douche), so kick him out of school, let him burn out in porn for a few years then we won’t have to opine about him anymore after that.

  • delurker

    Sometimes I wonder if our community isn’t filled with degenerates considering the number of people defending this fool.

  • romeo

    None of us know if he didn’t actually clean off the desk. He probably did. As for our community being filled with degenerates because we are defending him. Straight guys don’t come to the aid of a beautiful but dumb blonde? Do you know what the word “degenerate” means, delurker? Cool it.

  • romeo

    And to Tim, if you’re lurking, yes, you are as cute as you think you are. Have you tried LA? Can’t imagine our pornsters here turning you down.

    Just do us a favor, don’t do barebacking stuff. We want to see our crazyboys happy and SAFE! Rock on!!!

  • Nick

    what a bunch of haters. i’d sooner lick a spunked on desk than have to share spaces with runny-nosed kids. i can’t believe ho many fags here are “bemoaning” his social graces. if you don’t like it, stop scrolling through the pictures or going to blogs to live vicariously through this guy’s “fetish.” PLEASE…enjoying your body or enjoying being seen enjoying your body is a part of human sexuality. only a real pervert would call that a fetish. i’m not sure why some here would prefer that he “do porn” as if someone else financially exploiting this guy’s beauty makes it more “acceptable”…”professional”…”social”…

  • Glennmcgahee

    What would he do if everybody started jerking off in classrooms? Just think of the waste, the sperm, the laundry, slip and fall accidents. It would cost the University plenty.

  • Forrest

    Hot or not Gay straight do it out of school!

  • Cam

    No. 69 · marc
    last time i checked, our community is all about pushing the boundaries of people’s perception of sexuality and gender.

    Thats funny, last time I checked our community was about getting the legal right to exist, to not be fired, to gain full rights as citizens, and to be able to have gay kids go to school without having the school turn a blind eye if they are getting their asses kicked every day. We push the bounderies of people’s perceptions every day we are out at work, out with our partners etc… This isn’t a gay issue, this is about some kid who had a bit of an exibitionist streak and he got caught doing what he knew would get him in trouble. If there WASN’T the thrill of getting caught, he most likely wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

  • For the BirdSisters

    He’s no Ruby Lynn Reyner…

  • KBrooks

    I live on Maui. He’s on craigslist, manhunt and adam4adam. Been around for at least the past 6 months.

  • fredo777

    @delurker: “Sometimes I wonder if our community isn’t filled with degenerates considering the number of people defending this fool.”

    Maybe it’s just not filled with prudes. At the end of the day, despite the fact that what he did was inappropriate, he is still a young college student. I’d wager a guess that he isn’t the first + won’t be the last college kid to do something reckless +/or stupid.


  • EWE

    @KBrooks: NO.88 Classic. Although him being on those websites is not illegal. Not all guys on those websites are wankin off in public places.

  • EWE

    @Nick:NO.83 lmao. You have got to be kidding. The issue is the classroom, not some young dumb full of cum and his right to jerk off. You’re funny.

  • Butt of Course

    He’s not t all shy about the butt. Look at his xtube video- more asshole than you could imagine.

  • Forrest

    Funny, that those who happen to win the genetic lottery are often the most insecure.

    That’s what happens when your entire humanity is completed defined by how you look. I really hope he has other aspirations or interests beyond objectifying himself to untold numbers of strangers.

    Everyone ages. And if he does not have a plan B the later years will not be pretty in any sense.

  • Explaining to Mom and Dad

    How could he do this and not imagine that his folks would end up seeing all his videos when he inevitably got busted at school?

  • He's got hot meat

    What a cock !!! Nice hangers !!!

    Watch his eyes while he jerks off. He has eyes like a mental case. This guy looks like his entire body may explode from all the sexual energy. The xtube movies are insightful. This guy looks great, but in reality is a total nut case.

  • Ex Altar Boy

    This guy is like the kid who is obsessed with one toy on Christmas Day, and won’t stop playing with it until it finally breaks.

  • Orgazmo

    Did SpeedoStudent meet Tiger Woods at sex addict camp?

  • Hyhybt

    Why are 2-10 identical, and also 11-20?

  • Nightstalker

    Yes, he should be immediately expelled.

    Into my mouth.

    In great, splashing gushes.



  • terrwill

    You are a fool if you play with your tool in school cause its not cool……………..

    Seriously he wanted all this attention, and he gots it……now he has to deal with the consequences……..

  • Blago

    Sorry, but this kid should be expelled.

  • jeffree

    speedo guy wanted to jack somewheres your not suppose to, and go public and get caught. so now he has his dream. he likes danger .

    after all this a career in porno may not be so sexually exciting because its not forbiden, not so dangerous or so naughty.

    i can get fired for being gay. he can maybe get a pornjob because he is cute, but getting kicked from college wont help him find an other career.

    is it worth it ?

  • B

    No. 46 · Steve wrote, “A few decades ago, a student at Berkeley decided he didn’t want to wear any clothing at all. So he went around naked. That lasted several years, if I recall correctly. He was finally expelled for something else.”

    Something is going wrong when I tried to post a comment. Here’s some URLs about that guy.

  • alan brickman

    this is not a gay rights issue, but a respect one…..but he is really he won’t starve anytime soon..that is for sure….

  • Pip

    The school’s language was a little out of line in my opinion. Broadcasting that he is a “sexual deviant” and providing a physical description of him, like a criminal, is not necessary.

    For that matter, we can really know that he’s “left his bodily fluids” around the class rooms. If that were the case, wouldn’t someone notice without having to watch one of his videos?

    I imagine he did some kind of clean up after words, even if it wasn’t with “bleach” (as the article suggested, ironically since the bleach would probably damage the school’s property more than some splooge).

    Anyway, the guy deserves disciplinary action (though not expulsion), and frankly the school needs to specify why his actions endanger other students—before using inflammatory, ad hominem based attacks.


    Guys like him make Gay men look perverted to the mainstream. Yes, please, kick his lunatic ass out of school.

  • B

    In No. 46, Steve mentioned “the naked guy” from Berkeley. He ended up committing suicide some years later while in jail (he was mentally ill and really needed medical treatment, which he never got, and there was a lawsuit by his family as a result). After being expelled, it was mostly downhill for him.

  • Harry

    His most recent blog post is an exercise in hilarity:

    “First, ever since my last blog post, a number of readers seem to accuse me of shirking responsibility for my actions by classifying them as a gay rights issue. Actually I’m not very concerned with gay rights. As an anarchist, I don’t believe you need to campaign for someone to give you back rights that you’ve always had, which is effectively what the gay rights movement attempts to do. So that’s out.”

    Oh yeah. ANARCHY. Yeah, you and Jello Biafra, buddy.

  • EWE

    @B: No.106 B:
    You’re kidding. I remember his butt all over the news. He was the Berkeley Student and for once i remember telling my friends that finally there was someone i wanted to see naked. He was hot. Most people taking off their clothes in public should think twice. Nobody tends to wanna see ALL that. (curves, rolls, dimples, sags etc.) I am stunned he committed suicide. I wonder why. What kind of mental illness?

  • B

    No. 108 · EWE wrote, “@B: No.106 B: You’re kidding.”

    Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. Try reading the following article: . He was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. Whether he was in an early, but not diagnosed, stage of the disease while at Berkeley is not known.

    I think the relevance to the current topic is that university or public officials should really consider the possibility of an underlying medical condition as a cause for “out there” behavior. That behavior may be simply a “youthful indiscretion” or even “sexual deviance”, but there is a chance of an underlying and treatable medical problem, so we shouldn’t just write people off.

    BTW, I tried to post URLs earlier but QUEERTY for some reason was dropping those comments on the floor.

  • bill garris

    I did not read for word the comments above, but I did scan through. I am very trouble to report that all of the comments, and please God help our educational system. It truly has failed us. Not one of the commenters has read one drop of history and least to the point of absorption.

    Many of the comments are true on there face but still have nothing to do with any criminal act by our young student

    Sorry, but I got off myself without expressing the obvious issue of concern before any authority.

    That is not one of the commenters complain that Mr. Spedo have injuried them in any way.

    Sorry People and I do not use the word lightly as it has been defined without reservation in the Contitution and bill of rights from Gov intervention. NO INJURY NO CASE!!!

    Every state Supreme Court has expressed this point time and again. Our Constitution was founded on that principle least we forget.

    bill g…..

  • EWE

    @B: That is so sad. Everyone could tell the minute he hit the masses that he was an extremely intelligent guy. You just never know where lifes path leads huh? As i said above, i do not thing this young dumb full of cum guy should be expelled. I do think he should be suspended for one year though. We all make mistakes.

  • jeffree

    @bill garris: You said “I got off myself”

    nobody here cares if you got off

  • delurker

    @Harry: oh god what a self-absorbed twunt this kid is.

  • damon459

    Everyone is scolding this kid and yet how many of you were defending sex in public bathrooms and parks ? If you agree jacking off in a public school is wrong then so would screwing in a public park you can’t have it both ways on this issue. I really don’t want to be out walking my dog only to see gay’s or straights fucking in the bushes any more then I want to walk in on gay’s or straights fucking in the lecture hall. I should also point out this is really old news folks a queerty must be hard up for stories.

  • EWE

    @damon459: Who are you addressing?

  • Hilarious

    Holy shit that’s nasty. I mean I’m no prude, I watch porn from time to time, but it’s fucking porn, not a place a professor or student has to sit and work.

    So childish and idiotic for a 22 year old college student to do.

    Only thing he’s proven is gay people can be crazy too. Oh and total ego maniacs who are obsessed with the male body. Good going, kid.

    Glad hardly any of the comments are actually defending this moron.

  • jeffree

    he’s 22 & so should be able to control himself from acting on stupid urges. we all get dumb ideas but hopefully we realize the risks just might not make up for the beneffits!
    he’s had his minute of fame but for the rest of his life he’ll b remembered as the speedo student & those vids & fotos will still be floating around. explain that when he tries to get a job outside of porno!!

    We are all talking about his school punishing him or kicking him out but should he worry about being arrested ? my cousin got nailed for having sex in a parked car at a mall! Lucky for him it wasnt a stollen car or it could of been worse !

  • Lavance

    This article and those of you posting are all idiots. First off, he is queer and not gay. I despise those LGBT homonormatives oujt there that can’t handle queer stuff we did years ago and still do today. Secondly, he really didn’t get in much trouble if you ask ask around. I personally find cum on desks hot! Get over yourself and your prude ways.

  • jeffree

    @Lavance: Why would “he get in much trouble” if we “ask around” ? Us asking around doesnt get him into trouble.

    Starting your post calling us idiots is not a great way to convince people you’re smarter than us or that we should think like you do.

  • Klarth

    LGBT heternormatives?

    Get over it.

    As we are discussing in another post, we are not all sideshow freaks for straight people to gawk at and be scandalized by. We are all human beings, and have more in common than not. And stop making this a gay thing. I am sure there are plenty of straight male exhibitionists who like to do the same things.

    The problem with this kid’s actions is that he is intruding upon the rights of other people. I guess you think park flashers have the right to expose themselves to children and other patrons of the park, and this is just self-expression.

    One of the founding fathers has a quote about someone’s rights ending where others’ begin. This kid crossed that line by leaving his seed where someone had to sit and work and set his/her belongings down. It’s just gross.

    I’m not saying bodily fluids are inherently gross, but usually people are exposed to other people’s sexual fluids in the context of sexual relations. These people aren’t having sexual relations with him, nor did they consent to do so, and yet he has put his sexual organs and fluids in their personal space. It’s an intrusion.

    FWIW, I know a few gay exhibitionists/nudists, and they are more careful than this. They certainly don’t jerk off in the places they visit. They might have some pictures taken in deserted open spaces, but they don’t leave that kind of evidence, and they don’t post it all over popular internet sites with their faces visible, begging to get caught, like they haven’t gotten away with something that breaks the social contract, and there will be no repercussions.

    Like an above poster said, this guy knew he was wrong. That was the appeal of it. But he flew too close to the sun, got burned, and now he’s falling. It’s a shame that his kink/fetish is going to cost him so much, but he should have known the risks. He didn’t play the game right.

  • benlayvey

    @Ben: Shows how well Queerty knows their demographic n’est-ce pas?

  • McShane

    @No. 46 · Steve: Academic freedom, like freedom of the press is a long gone practice in America; If Universities were still shrines to learning and knowledge, people might not feel so inclined to act trashily. We have the worst educational system in the developed world! I guess you get what you generate.

  • EWE

    @Lavance: Ok he is Queer. The Queer should be suspended for one year. You like cum on desks? How about every single one of the student body and faculty start shootin their loads all over the desks, chairs, floors and walls. Get a grip. You sound mentally challenged.

  • romeo

    I can’t believe you guys. It was one desk in one vid. I’m sure he wiped the desk off, and cooties neutralize in the air anyway. As a college student I left many a booger under the desk cause I didn’t have a handkerchief. So did you! Admit it!

  • strumpetwindsock

    I remember reading not too long ago about most kitchen counters being filthier than the average toilet seat. This is a matter of perception IMO.

    Personally, I have respect for peoples’ fetishes so long as they indulge them in a respectful fashion. So long as he cleaned up after himself I have no problem with it. I’d go after the smokers, litterbugs and ignorant people who don’t pick up their pets’ dogshit first.

  • Pip

    @Klarth: There was clearly no one else in the class room. So he wasn’t exactly violating anyone’s rights.

  • Sneezy

    If it was a female doing it – they’d expel her as well, I don’t have much sympathy.

    What he has done is shifted the forward motion on campus for ‘lgtbu rights’ backwards 3 years, when the explicitly banned same sex couples from living together on campus.

  • sean

    At least he’s got the equipment, good on u sweetie, pity u did not cum over some of the proffesors.

    If it was a so called straight guy or a femamle it would be a different story hey?

  • •? Dwy. Ann ?

    WOW HE’S BRAVE ENOUGH, EVERYTIME WHEN I SEE AN EMPTY CLASS, I ALWAYS THINK “IT’LL BE GREAT TO MAKE LOVE IN THERE”..LOL i know my college and where the good place to be naughty 😀
    but record ur self on the video, aww that suck and sick!!

    well u got it TIM, and u’ll be ashamed! at least he’s only masturbate not having sex!

  • DinIndy

    Srsly; if you think his behavior is appropriate, YOU get to sit in his seat when he’s finished.

  • Wilbur

    Hey, thanks for info on the video. This guy is HOt! He has a lean, smooth body and a beautiful thick cock. I can understand now why he is an exhibitionist. If I had that body and cock, I would be masturbating and making sure everyone saw my cumming too. As for the school, I did masturbate at my high school many years after attending, mostly because I felt so frustrated throughout high school, it seemed like a good idea at the time and no one was there.

  • F

    I am in two minds about this.

    One its a pretty revolting thing to do. Just because I’m a gay student doesn’t mean I want some stranger’s bodily fluid over my desk. Lots of students eat at their desks, when they are trying to get stuff done after class, for a start. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’ll put just about anything in my mouth.

    While I agree he should be punished, i think the university has blown this out of proportion: “If you see him, do not approach him.” That sounds more they are describing a serial killer, then a horny idiot. I’m surprised they didn’t follow it up with a “Wanted: Dead or alive.” I also think he sounds worse by trying to justify his disgusting habits with a “I’m gay so this is within my rights.” No it isn’t. I’d rather not have my college desk be a petri dish for other people’s bodily fluids, thankyou. There is a time and a place for everything.

    I agree he should be punished, but this is not news. I’ve known people my age to do even worse things. If we reported every stupid, revolting thing every stupid fratboy (or girl) did, we wouldn’t have have newspapers. We’d have tomes the size of phonebooks.

  • G

    This is rather disgusting. Imagine you saw one of these videos and realized you’d been in that seat earlier that day? That’s not cool. It’s just completely encroaching on the comfort of everyone else.

    But I’m also wondering why the school has done/said nothing about the fact that he’s been able to make so many videos in so many other classrooms? Shoudln’t the fact that that’s even been possible be a concern to the school? Buy a lock perhaps?

  • Hyhybt

    @G: It’s not at all unusual, or at least it wasn’t when I was in college, for classrooms to be unlocked. For example, if the room has a 10:00 class and a 12:00 class, but none at 11:00, it wouldn’t normally be locked in between.

  • Mike

    Those students are LUCKY this blond guy’s sperm was on their desks. He should be able to do anything he wants cuz he’s pretty, has a white butt and he’s so BLOND. PERIOD!

  • Mike

    If it had been anyone else, kick the kid out… but he’s blond & has a VERY WHITE BUTT! Those students would be lucky to sit at a desk where jizzed.

  • Waddetree

    No do not expel him, I like guys that are exto-verted

  • b

    that’s my old bio lecture hall and high school’s paddling canoe… wow. what a shock to stumble upon this…

  • Lilac_Queen_de_Nubia

    I will never understand how anyone can do stuff like that in such a public place. I mean, I won’t lie, I watch a lot of exhibitionist videos, but…..

  • amedas

    Sorry, whatever his sexual orientation is is his right, but I’d be upset too if he doesn’t stop making the classrooms his playground. During my college years, I frequented empty classrooms to study or write reports instead of the campus libraries. (I didn’t attend U of H, and no similar incident occurred at my campus).

  • rcs831

    It just seems like a few of his cookies aren’t in straight. Exhibition is one thing, his giving in to his compulsion a whole different animal.

  • Teleny

    This kid is sick and gross! I think he needs some time in he funny farm!!! If I say down in his man goo, I’d be furious.

  • oilburner

    I wanna have sex with him. And. He can blow his load all over me

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