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Snowpocalypse Is God’s Way of Saying He Doesn’t Want D.C. Gays Getting Married. Yet

Washington D.C.’s gay marriage law was set to take effect in early March, as soon as Congress’ 30-day review period expired. But then a couple feet of snow hit the nation’s capital, shutting down Capitol Hill. And when the federal government goes offline, so too does the countdown clock, which means D.C.’s gays will have to wait until mid-March to get hitched. Hope your venue hall offers refunds!

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  • Bob Summersgill

    A couple of days of the Congress out of session does not translate into a delay of a couple weeks. Although we are still digging out, the most the delay will be is 4 days. So, March 2 may slip to March 6 (or in practical terms, March 8 since the 6th is a Saturday.)

    That is still early March. Harry Reid has also said that the Senate may work a couple of previously unscheduled days to make up for the snow closings.

    As to how long they will be out due to snow, keep in mind that Monday is a holiday, and they were expected to be off all next week anyway.

    So expect a minor delay, but not much of one.

  • Richard in DC

    More importantly, the greatest single casualty of the snow was a Church that collapsed in on itself under the weight of the snow. Nobody seems to be rushing to call that a sign from God.

  • believe

    We’re such solipsists.
    Anyway snowmaggedon wasn’t enough for me. I was hoping for the next ice age.

  • Tommy Marx

    I think it’s obvious. God was excited when D.C. finally approved of marriage equality. But then all those sinful and evil-spirited politicians and false preachers started protesting against same-sex marriage – even demanding a chance to legalize bigotry on bus signs, of all things – and God got pissed and smote them with blizzards.

    God doesn’t work in mysterious ways after all.

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