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Speedo Student Tim Is Living the Amateur Pornographer’s Dream

Congratulations to Tim, the college “Speedo Student” Queerty was the first to tell you about last month. Not only is he not being kicked out of the University of Hawai’i-Manoa for videotaping himself ejaculating onto the school’s classroom desks, he’s also grabbing his 15 minutes of fame!

Following a chat with porn star Brent Corrigan (NSFW), Tim tells BUTT (NSFW) that his Speedo fetish lives on. But don’t start thinking this guy is a creep or anything.

Okay, first I need to clarify that I don’t jerk off in classrooms at all, as a rule. The only time I’ve done so was for that now infamous video. It was empty because, obviously, people would have interfered with the project if I had attempted to shoot it while there were others around. Given that I did make the evidence that I had done so publicly available, however, I wouldn’t call it cowardice at all. Nor was it intended to be very provocative, just erotic, a bit of a fantasy for some, and maybe a little thought-provoking.

Oh, and about Tim’s dream of one day doing porn? A round of applause is in order, because Tim just booked a gig with Dirty Bird Pictures (NSFW). We’d like to think we played some small part in turning you into web bait.

[photo: Dirty Bird Pictures]