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‘Speedo Student’ Tim Won’t Be Kicked Out of Hawai’i-Manoa For Ejaculating on Classroom Desks

By now we’ve all met Tim, the gay 22-year-old senior at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa who photographs and videotapes himself wearing Speedos in poses ranging from PG to X-rated. Thanks to a photo series of him in university classrooms wearing nothing but a Speedo, and an Xtube video showing him masturbating and ejaculating on a classroom desk, which has been seen over 220,000 times, he caught flack from the administration. So what will Tim’s future at the university be?

Despite your calls for his expulsion, it appears he’ll remain enrolled at Hawai’i-Manoa. “The complaints about the video have been resolved with the school administration and the school paper has retracted the libelous statements it made about me,” Tim writes.

Indeed, the news Ka Leo has retracted its story — in a very detailed way.

Ka Leo apologizes for and retracts as inaccurate the following statements that were published in the Thursday, March 4 Campus Beat, regarding the student whose blog was discussed in one of the reports:

“… endangering students …” There has been no such finding by the UH administration that there has been any endangerment, only an investigation into a possible violation of student conduct codes.

“… desks in many classrooms … masturbating in
buildings …” This statement involving multiple classrooms is an inaccurate conflation of the material found on the blog, where a clear distinction between photos and a single video in one classroom is made.

“Do not attempt to approach the student.” This suggested that the student represents a physical danger to other students, a claim for which the paper provided no evidence.

“… sexually deviant and psychotic behavior …” Ka Leo has no medical qualifications to make such a judgment.

The definition of paraphilia originally was included in the online edition. Again, the paper has no qualifications to make such a judgment.

The placement of the article within the “Campus Beat” section suggested that a crime was committed. Campus Security is not investigating the action in question as a crime.

The paper expresses its regrets to both the student in question and to the campus community, which may have been unnecessarily alarmed by the report.

That’s the type of retraction you get when lawyers get involved, although Tim makes no mention that he’s consulted with attorneys.

And as for the haters out there, calling Tim an exhibitionist who’s gone too far, he has his own words for you:

First, ever since my last blog post, a number of readers seem to accuse me of shirking responsibility for my actions by classifying them as a gay rights issue. Actually I’m not very concerned with gay rights. As an anarchist, I don’t believe you need to campaign for someone to give you back rights that you’ve always had, which is effectively what the gay rights movement attempts to do. So that’s out. The actual statement that I made in my last entry was this:

“If disliking A’s behavior is sufficient reason for B to condemn him, then the gay rights movement has no footing at all, since such an attitude accepts that personal prejudice is a valid ground for legal discrimination.”

Most commentors seem to have read that sentence as a declaration of activism. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I was simply trying to highlight the underlying principle that widely held prejudices are often mistaken for genuine authority to condemn someone. Those who have lashed out at me are uncomfortable because my actions do not adhere to their notions of proper behavior within society. My violation of social norms is the question at issue. That is what I am being condemned for, and not for any inherent wrongdoing in my actions.

This leads into my second point, which is that I continue to be absolutely amazed by the outpouring of intolerance and abusiveness provoked by my departure from normative behavior. It’s very strange, very alien to me. Rather than contenting themselves with finding my actions offensive or inappropriate, many of the commentors on this blog and other articles take things a step further. Somehow they see their own disgust as a legitimate reason to criticize or penalize me. Instead of recognizing that a behavior they may not choose to participate in themselves can be a perfectly normal means of expression for another, they are unable to tolerate the existence of an alternative viewpoint. (Some go so far as to demand that I be suppressed by burning – witch trials, anyone?) But remember, tolerance is not just for big issues. Tolerance goes far beyond merely stopping the lynching of black males or the jailing of homosexuals. Tolerance is the ability to accept all opinions, all behaviors as equally valid, regardless of your personal feelings about them; to understand that your ethical or moral framework and judgements apply to you and you alone; and to realize that even holding the same opinion as a majority of others does not give you the moral authority to force your views on the dissenters. That is true tolerance, which can only be observed in actions and not expressed in words. So far I have met remarkably few people capable of practicing it.

We love ourselves some tolerance! More than tolerance, we love acceptance. But there’s a difference between enjoying showing off your body and defacing school property — which is what jerking off to completion on a classroom desk amounts to. We’re sure it’s a thrill. It’s also disrespectful. Tim asks for tolerance of his exhibitionism; the school, as the owner of the classroom buildings and the desks inside them, is also right to request its own form of tolerance. Namely, please don’t cum on its classroom materials.

All that said, Tim is sorry if he’s offended you. And he’ll now resume trying on his new Aussiebums, thank you very much.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tim’s Speedo parade around campus

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  • Adam

    The kid’s really got his head up his ass.

  • romeo

    I didn’t call for his expulsion. I just asked him to come to Los Angeles. So he’d be near me! Guess he’ll be staying in Hawaii for a while. Bummer.

    Tim rules!!!

  • romeo

    @ Adam: I must have missed that picture. Do you have the link?

  • Cam

    Really? You believe that you are an anarchist and that we don’t need to campaign for rights we’ve always had? Ok, then please go into Iran, start kissing a man and when they show up to arrest you, tell them they can’t becuase you don’t believe in their ability to take your right to publicly be gay away from you. I’m sure that will go quite well. Additionally, as an anarchist, why are you paying tuition? If you believe you have the right to be educated without any tuition being paid, won’t that make it so? Nobody can take away your right to learn for free unless you let them right?

    Is this the level of students coming out of Hawaii??

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    What an idiot. An anarchist, eh? I’m sure jacking off on university desks isn’t what Emma Goldman had in mind.

  • ionos

    Well, if that blog post was really written by him and expresses his thought process, he is sure smart (not getting into whether its right or wrong).
    If he looks like his pictures and can articulate his thoughts like his blog posts imply, he is welcome to come over to the mainland and be my house boy. :)

  • Kieran

    As punishment, he should be forced to wash all the classroom blackboards (naked ofcourse).

  • terrwill

    Peoples like him are very smart and stupid at the same time. They figure out thru the internets how to become extremely well known. The crave publicity and “fame”. However once they achieve that notority they seek, there is really no way to parlay that into any financial gain. His only real avenue towards any kind of financial gain is thru some kind of porn outlet. He is cute has a huge tool. So am sure plenty of pornsters would welcome him but outside of that these new internet “stars” have no where to go………….

  • delurker

    @ionos: Er, regurgitating crap you learned in your political philosophy class into senseless paragraphs doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a typical college student.

  • Cam

    Oh, and one last thing…regarding his comment of “Tolerance is the ability to accept all opinions, all behaviors as equally valid, regardless of your personal feelings about them; to understand that your ethical or moral framework and judgements apply to you and you alone;”

    But all behaviors are not equally valid. If he decides that it turns him on to go into the cafeteria and take a crap on all the cutting boards, rub in in and then blow his nose in the food dispensers, is it intolerant to deny him this? What if it is a turn on for somebody to attack small children? Is their behavior valid? If he chooses to drive the wrong way on the freeway because it would be quicker, inspite of the oncoming traffic, is that behavior valid? In their desperation to seem new, deep, and unique many like this man just sound silly.

  • delurker

    @terrwill: So he’s basically Michael Lucas for the twink set? Oy, just what we need.

  • Ben

    Well… this douche will sure have a fun time getting a job once he graduates.

  • DR


    So now “tolerance” means that we’re supposed to engage in relativism to the point where everything is appropriate and nothing is bad because that might oppress someone somewhere?

    Tim states that “Tolerance is the ability to accept all opinions, all behaviors as equally valid, regardless of your personal feelings about them; to understand that your ethical or moral framework and judgements apply to you and you alone; and to realize that even holding the same opinion as a majority of others does not give you the moral authority to force your views on the dissenters. That is true tolerance, which can only be observed in actions and not expressed in words. So far I have met remarkably few people capable of practicing it.”

    According to this definition, which is pretty weak, the strong can do whatever they like to the weak. If A’s moral code says that he is stronger than B and can take B’s personal possessions, B’s body, or B’s life, who is anyone else to judge? We live in a society governed by rule of law for a reason, Tim, to protect folks from the predators.

    Like it or not, many of us don’t see a teenage kid getting himself off in a public space as all that impressive or relevant. Get over it. We don’t support it in parks, why would we support it in the classroom?

    PS, it’s “judgments”, Tim. Less time playing around on your desk and more time in Freshman Comp and Poli Sci 101, please. Maybe then you’ll understand what those older and wiser than you are saying.

  • romeo

    A college student having the guts to make a statement about sexual hypocrisy. Sounds like Hawaii is producing more interesting students than the mainland. I don’t get what people are getting all het up about. What he did was not such a big deal. What was a big deal were the lies and distortions the hysterical university put out about him. Tim’s perfectly correct; it was LIBELOUS. I’m not sure I understand Tim’s attitute toward gay rights, and probably don’t agree with it completely, but I’m not going to make a big deal out of his coming at it from a different perspective. Anyway, I think he’s more into traditional “gay rights” than he thinks he is.

    Somehow don’t think his 130,000 hits and counting since yesterday on his story was about disapproval, not with those pictures. Deal with it, the world is cheap. If it’s guys like Tim, this kind of stuff will only help us.

    And I am absolutely AMAZED at Queerty prudishness over this.

  • fredo777

    They did need to retract some of those over-the-top statements made about him in the paper, as I said before. If nothing else, I’m glad for that.

  • The Artist

    Oh leave the kid alone, isn’t that the whole point of youth! To kick him out of school just seems silly, its not like he hurt anyone. We all jerk off, some of us have to do it everyday, sometimes twice or more! PEACELUBNBWILD!

  • romeo

    @the artist: exactly the point. At least he puts his junk where his mouth is, unlike a lot of the crapmeisters coming out of universities who get hired to be talking heads in mainstream media.

  • Cam

    @No. 17 · romeo

    My point isn’t prudish, I have no problem with people jacking off in whatever way they want, but he wasn’t doing this for some higher purpose or to defend a higher truth. He gets off on speedos and wanted to jack off in a classroom. It gets him off, end of story. Now of course he should go after the college paper for restitution, but as far as his statement above, just a load of blather.

  • Peter

    DR….No no no…? The strong can Not take from the weak; we should not tolerate that; “that is NOT a Moral code.” That is being intolerant of the weak.

    A person may not agree with someone’s position; but that does not give the person the “right” to condemn the person. But you can certainly disagree with their position. The person becomes a “bigot” when their position is in direct conflict with other elements of their “law or rules” that disallow that position.

  • The Artist

    @Cam: You should listen to a song by The Time, it’s call “Jerk Out.” It’s great….just jerkin everything in site! PEACELUVNBWILD N GOOD JERKIN’!

  • Law

    Good thing they didn’t kick him out of school, he needs all the education he can get.

    Mostly, he should probably re-visit his idea that the gay community is fighting for rights it already has…

  • EWE

    Is he allowed to contine going to class in his underwear too?

  • DR


    You are incorrect. “Moral” has two ways of being read: the first as an adjective, which means “founded on fundamental principles of right and wrong” or “conforming to the rules of right conduct”. You are taking the tack that Tim is advocating this particular position, which is incorrect.

    Young Tim is talking about the validity of all behaviors, and thus looking at the word as “the embodiment of type of something” or “that which pertains to acting on will, thought, feelings, mind, or character”. Thus my example, “the strong can take whatever they want from the weak” may not be “socially acceptable” but is certainly a “valid behavior” based on my expression of “thought, will, feelings, mind, or character”. His exact words, as a matter of fact: “Tolerance is the ability to accept ALL opinions, ALL behaviors as equally valid, regardless of your personal feelings about them; to understand that your ethical or moral framework and judgments apply to you and you alone; and to realize that even holding the same opinion as a majority of others does not give you the moral authority to force your views on the dissenters.”

    That’s the type of relativistic gymnastics this young man is trying to engage in, and not doing it well. Because as soon as people flesh his definition out, then all the conditions follow, and behavior is no longer judged on how its valid, but rather whether it’s acceptable.

    According to the wanna-be anarchist and sexual bon vivant, all behaviors must be accepted as valid and equal, lest true tolerance never be achieved. That means the Nazis were right in exterminating 12 million people, the Chinese are perfectly within their rights to run over human rights protesters with tanks, etc.

    This kid doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He’s getting on his moral high horse because we don’t support his right to intrude on a classroom and act out his fetishes without concern for the consequences. I’d suspend him, no question asked. I don’t think expulsion is warranted, but suspension, yes.

    Maybe if he spent less time desperately seeking affirmation from the gay community for getting off in public and less time whining about how unfair the porn industry is to him and a bit more time thinking about the consequences of his actions, I’d think more of him.

    As it stands, he’s a young man who didn’t think about what he was doing, and once he got caught then claimed that his “freedom of expression” was being repressed by the administration. He didn’t give a rat’s behind about whether or not his engaging in fetishistic behavior was any type of statement until he got busted.

    Now he wants to be all “I’m protesting social norms and values about sexuality”. No, he’s not. He’s making this stuff up as he goes along to justify his immaturity knowing that far too many people will fall for his pretty smile and nice body to really process what he did. And those of us who do see and disagree get called “prudes”.

  • hardmannyc

    He’s adorable. He’s blond. He’s tanned. He has a big dick. He likes to jerk off.

    Kid is a genius.

  • christopher di spirito

    He came on his desk?

    What a waste. He could’ve cum in my mouth.

  • The Artist

    @DR: Morality, seriously!!!! Social norms? Yikes! Relax, Relate, Release. Spread the word. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • stevenelliot

    @hardmannyc: got some nice big cojones too!

  • romeo

    Yes, DR, you ARE a prude. You’re also WAY overthinking this.

  • Peter

    The Nazis could think their thoughts; but they did not have the right to act on those thoughts at detriment of the Jews. Tim has it right!!!!

    And I read that he had no real idea of dealing with Gay rights. He was just dealing with his ideas of fun and not bothering anyone; other than those who “want” to be bothered. Get a life.

  • DR

    @The Artist:

    Why stop? Open Lewdness is against the law, and supporting public sex isn’t all that high on my personal gay agenda considering that Dan Choi has just chained himself to the White House fence to fight for my right to enlist. Or that there’s a blog swarm today to encourage movement on ENDA. I’m really not impressed by some twinkie playing “Who Wants to be a Porn Star”.

    Stop the nonsense, please. This kid is not some political prisoner. He’s only getting support because he’s blond, in-shape, and hung. If this were some unattractive, out-of-shape, balding old man, you’d all be screaming at the thought of him getting off on film. Hypocrites.

  • strumpetwindsock


    The difference is that I don’t see the straights cowering in fear because one of theirs behaves badly in public.

    I realize that some people might read his actions the wrong way, but I also believe that it’s hard to fight for your rights when you are still thinking like you are in a cage.

  • DR


    That’s because the straight folk aren’t currently under microscopes in 50 states and under the federal government’s as well. Public sex is a non-issue right now, and this kid ain’t some hero for it. This is NOT a battle I care to fight, it isn’t a gay rights issue, and we have more important things to deal with.

  • Peter

    And chaining oneself to the Capitol fence is legal?? Get some reality Dr.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Like I said, if you think like you are in a cage, you will continue to be in that cage.

    To expand on your line of thinking, if that were some woman doing that for a heterosexual audience none of them would think anything of it either.

    I understand what you are saying, but with respect, I disagree. We are no different than them, and if we second-guess ourselves by worrying about what they will think then we just oppress ourselves.

    And I don’t buy the argument (not yours) that because this is an exhibitionist it has nothing to do with us. As near as I can tell he hasn’t hurt anyone, and if we fight for freedom, we fight for everyone, not just ourselves.

  • Cam

    No. 33 · Peter
    And chaining oneself to the Capitol fence is legal?? Get some reality Dr.

    Um….that was “DR’s” point, that he isn’t that invested in this argument because one person is out doing something important for people and another person got caught jacking off on a table in school. Therefore he wasn’t overly hyped up on this particular argument.

  • The Artist

    @DR: You should direct your energy to one or more of the positive things you’ve mentioned. Jerkin off is not criminal. Period. Try it u might like it! If you can’t do it, have someone tug of it 4 u. Check out song, “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6. It’ll help u free yo mind. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • DR


    Actually, one can make the case it is. Even if it ultimately results in charges, it’s sure as hell more beneficial to our community than begging to be allowed to get off in public!

  • DR


    And again, I remind everyone that we are fighting for our rights to marry, to hold down jobs without fear of unfair termination, to serve our country.. All the stuff straight folks can do.

    This isn’t about cowering in fear, it’s about recognizing this for what it is. A child masturbates on film, and suddenly we’re supposed to make this a gay right issue? Not so much. I’m not interested in fighting to make sex in public legal when I’m a second-class citizen because I’m a man who loves men. THAT’S the real fight.

  • Cam

    Oh, and I always love when people say “If a “Straight” had done this nothing would have happened… Um, a straight man was just arrested because a woman noticed him jerking off under a blanket on an airplane.

  • strumpetwindsock


    If it’s not a gay rights issue then why are you worried about it?

    Again, when one of theirs behaves badly they don’t worry about it.

    Even though I don’t think that what this fellow has done is necessarily bad behaviour, I do think we should not take this personally, and start chastising one another because of what the straights might think.

  • Cat Walker

    he likes nudity, good for him…stay in Hawaii
    but anarchist? my ass!

  • DR


    It worries me because over the last 2 days this story has gotten close to two hundred comments and two or three times as many views. It worries me because there are a number of posters who want to make this a gay rights issue.

    Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo were just arrested half an hour ago. Gays standing up and fighting for the real rights of gays. And that’s got 11 comments so far.

    Maybe it’s just the priorities of Queerty readers, but I don’t think so. The gay male community has its priorities all wrong, and we wonder at the end of the day why we have no rights. People would rather take a stand on legalizing public sex than show support for two brave gay men. It’s really saddening.

  • drake

    The controlling busybodies don’t like it at all when someone calls them out on the pathetic nature of what they’re doing – which is no different from the typical racist or homophobe. Too bad someone can’t take a baseball bat to their narrow-minded asses until they learn to mind their own business.

  • tself

    If the prissy type of gays won’t stand up for someone a little different who’s obviously NOT harming anyone, they don’t deserve equal rights.

  • Cam

    No. 44 · tself
    If the prissy type of gays won’t stand up for someone a little different who’s obviously NOT harming anyone, they don’t deserve equal rights.

    Really? So if a person wants full citizenship rights, they have to sign up to defend and stand up for somebody jerking off on a school desk? Is that REALLY what you are saying? Because frankly, anybody that would tie, civil and human rights to defending somebody’s fetish doesn’t really understand the first thing about them.

    No. 43 · drake
    The controlling busybodies don’t like it at all when someone calls them out on the pathetic nature of what they’re doing – which is no different from the typical racist or homophobe.

    Comparing a school not wanting students to jerk off on their desks to a racist is as stupid as calling a bartender a Natzi because he won’t give you a heavy pour on your drink.

  • CMC

    There’s obvious bitterness and jealousy among the appropriateness police.

  • Sam

    This whole thing is a little weird, no?

  • Cam

    No. 46 · CMC
    There’s obvious bitterness and jealousy among the appropriateness police.

    you seem to be locked into your little world of admiring this guys body or something, because point out anywhere that I have been saying “No, be sexless, don’t jerk off” etc… We’ve been taking issue with his idiotic comments in the article.

  • mark

    I’ll be able to sleep better knowing he’s not kicked out.
    Masturbate in private, or with friends, but leave the desks alone. You wouldn’t want to use a desk some girl just oozed across, so don’t expect her to use your spoogy desks.

  • g.k.

    I can’t believe that he is not getting at least a fine for this. I don’t understand how anyone could think that jacking off onto a public surface is acceptable. Personally, I am not a prude. I am not gay, but I believe that gay people should be happy too. I have no problem with them nor do I want anyone to think that the fact that he is gay is why I’m so disgruntled by this.

    I am open-minded about many, many things. I realize we all have different opinions and different ‘past-times’ that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But to jack off in a public place where other people are going to be in a matter of hours? Letting this man get away with it is opening a bunch of doors to anyone else who wants to commit lewd acts in public places (or at least at that university). I wouldn’t doubt that weirder things are going to happen and the university won’t be able to do anything about it because they let this one slide.

    And for this guy? Where is his respect? I am a part of this generation and I am sickened by the image this is giving people about our generation. How does he think that it is okay to just masturbate on someone elses property? I believe in respect enough not to go around leaving gum under a desk, rather do what he did. This situation just baffles me. Call me close-minded, call me prudish, say whatever you want. But it’s going to take a lot of convincing for me to ever think that this level of disrespect is okay.

  • jeffree

    Even the speedo spoodging guy says it’s not about gay rights. Since hes anarchist he doesn’t believe in property rights or laws, so he thinks its F.I.N.E to display a personal love of jacking in a public-place that he doesnt own, a.n.d. to deface property that isnt his.

    did he learn that in college?

    Sorry but if he wants to spooge on a desk, then he needs to buy his own desk. and his own classroom. Or maybe kind queerty readers willl send him a desk & other props to help him !!

    this guy doesnt embarass because hes gay but because he does what he wants and then comes up with excuses

    good luck trying to find a real job Speedo guy, and in 5 years i hope you have to be a custodian & have 2 clean lots of desks and countertops or restuarant tables!

  • EWE

    Gay rights my asshole. This is about taking off your clothes in a classroom and blowin your nut on camera. I’m gonna just have to pass on honoring him come Gay pride day ok?

  • jeffree

    @EWE: he doesn’t believe in gay rights, remember? If hes all about making political statements then he should vote & run for office.

    i will never ever again look @ desk tops in a school the same way !!

  • ossurworld

    He is performing fertility rites to appease the gods.

  • Bret

    I’ve never seen such a disgusting collection of goddamn anti-sex zealot prudes!

    What a bunch of fucking brain-dead losers you morons are!

  • Bret

    There’s nothing wrong with taking your clothes off, you pathetic prudish POS!

    God, what a fucking idiot. You sound like a fucking religious addict!

  • Bret

    @g.k.: Yes, you most certainly ARE a goddamn prude, and a delusional one at that!

    GET HELP!!!

  • Bret

    @tself: Exactly! These self-appointed moralist pieces of shit are nauseating!

  • Cam

    No. 55 · Bret
    I’ve never seen such a disgusting collection of goddamn anti-sex zealot prudes!

    What a bunch of fucking brain-dead losers you morons are!

    Most of the people here were commenting on his idiotic comments. And by societies standards we’re all sexual rebels. I’m just calling out B.S. on his little higher purpose screed. Claiming to be an anarchist yet paying tuition to go to a school funded by the state is laughable. Nothing to do with where he shoots his load or what he’s doing when he does it.

  • jeffree

    please flag Bret’s abusive language.

  • Whoddafunk?

    This is all a big deal over nothing. People need to lighten up.

  • jason

    I don’t think Tim is gay. I think he’s either bisexual or heteroflexible (ie heterosexual guys who under certain circumstances might make out with a guy).

    As for his behavior, repulsive. To those who are saying he didn’t do anything wrong, maybe we can get Tim to ejaculate on your cucumber sandwich. We’ll see then how you feel.

  • Hilarious

    Stopped reading at “Anarchist”, what an asshat. He’s not a teenager anymore, claiming to be an Anarchist isn’t cute.

  • [email protected]

    @That Bitch Téa Delgado

    What an idiot. An anarchist, eh? I’m sure jacking off on university desks isn’t what Emma Goldman had in mind.

    @ThatBitchTéaDelgado I Lol’ed myself.

  • alan brickman

    this is funny…if he was fat or would have been a no-brainer for authorities…..cute white gays win again….

  • alan brickman

    Maybe Rosa Luxembourg would have done it?

  • RS

    @jason: I like the term “heteroflexible.” However, given that he talks about preferring to bottom and about his coming out experience in an interview on Brent Corrigan’s blog, I think he’s gay. Or maybe “homoflexible” (gay guys who’d make out with a woman under the right circumstances).

  • McShane

    From what i can see on the web, it’s no more than another cheap quick money scam perpertrated by some spoiled students.Gay or not is irrelivant. Everyone is being manipulated.

  • EWE

    @Bret: Spare me bitch and get real. One need not be a prude to be against strangers taking their clothes off and ejaculating all over public property. Even grafitti is illegal but we don’t sit on vertical walls. You are absolutely rediculous to make this topic about prudishness. If you only knew. lol. You don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. There are 300 million plus people in this country. Shall we all jack off because you think its open minded man? Gay rights may asshole. Get a fucking life.

  • EWE

    @alan brickman: Thank you. And the same people who seem to be for this goon and his wanker playing helicopter on public property have an issue with such terrible words like nigger and faggot and queer, so much so according to them we can’t even say it god forbid. What a bunch of silly hypocrites. If you want to talk about cumming on a school desk, fine. If you want to do it, there should be repercussions. And i don’t mean other gay men getting their thrills off about it. Gay rights my asshole.

  • EWE

    Anyone who agrees with this crap should leave your door open so i can stop by and take a dump on your living room floor and split. Oh, i will be sure to film it for ARTs sake.

  • Oh Boy

    Everybody deserves a second chance and he did not hurt anybody. Just don’t do it at school anymore.

  • EWE

    @Oh Boy: I feel the same way. We all make mistakes but he should have been suspended for at least one semester. This is just not acceptable. It’s not even kinky. It’s kooky. Next we’ll will hear of someone wanting to do it on bowling balls at the Lanes. There are reasons for a few common boundaries.

  • Persa

    How is what Tim did any different that graffiti or streaking which are both popular activities on campus. So is having sex in the library stacks and stealing food from the bulk bins in the cafeteria.

    People are taking this way to seriously.

    Gay or straight he’s a college kid and college kids do stupid stuff every waking minute and it usually involved being naked or drunk in groups or individually.

    The biggest difference is that they now have webcams and the Internet to heighten the thrill and excitement.

    So what if it gets him off? Cum isn’t toxic waste and it’s not like he did it in class while class was in session.

    Make him clean up any mess he made, make him apologize to the cleaning staff or fuck it, make him clean up the classrooms for a month or some other such appropriate punishment.

    Make him pay a fine.

    Jesus, you’d think he roasted a baby on a spit and ate it live on Youtube.

    The paper’s response was exaggerated and inflammatory and so is the response of many folks here.

    When I was in college the popular thing to do was to video tape yourself sliding down the slanted roof of the library when it rained.

    Generations of folks broke legs, arms, and various other body parts doing because it was a dangerous, reckless thing to do for the person sliding and anyone who happened to be walking near the base of the building as some drunken fool came flying off onto the mall.

    But we all did it because it’s just one of those stupid things you do in college.

    Looking back on it I can’t even remember how the fuck I got up there or why it was so important but at the time it was the freaking holy grail of activities (not getting caught or seriously injured being the icing on the cake)

    My point is, folks are looking at this kid as if he’s a 40 year old instead of a punk kid testing his boundaries.

    It’s no more offensive or criminal than streakers or graffiti or drunken dudes vomiting all over the halls repeatedly.

    Who cares what highfalutin reasons he comes up with to act a fool? It has nothing to do with the gay rights movement and kids like Tim are NOT the reason homophobic bigots don’t believe gays should get married.

    If the school and the paper had not acted like there hair was on fire, Tim wouldn’t even be getting the attention he’s getting.

    They could have quietly punished him reasonably and been done with it.

    You don’t kick someone out of school for ejaculating in an empty classroom. You make him clean it up or pay to have it cleaned then you give him campus community service or take away some of his campus privileges.

    Bloody hell.

  • Dasher

    The “Campus Beat” should be renamed the “Campus Beat Off” in honor of Tim and the paper’s defamation of him. Maybe they could also make a list of volunteers who want to clean the desks that Tim has despoiled.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Speedo fetish question: So, why does he keep the speedo on while masturbating through the Speedo? Is this part of the fetish? I have never heard of this particular fetish so I am curious.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Oh, and he has a nice body, but his face is average and I am not into blondes. His dick is okay. It is hard to tell if its really huge or just the face he’s really kind of skinny. On skinny guy’s I’ve discovered an average size penis looks bigger. Why is that?

  • EWE

    @Persa: Excuse me, but i still want the choice of whose cum i come in contact with and i don’t think that is too much to ask. Secondly, i agree that he made a mistake much like your example of drunken college students vomiting all over the place. I was under the impression this was repetitive and that in itself is a reason not to have it swept under the rug. I don’t think you would support ignoring chronic substance abuse. He may have a sexual addiction in need of intervention. Ya never know. Whatever folks… please don’t shit, piss or cum on anything i have to be near. Thanks.

  • EWE

    If you agree with this then you would support someone that looks like Abe Vigoda doing the same thing. I don’t. I repeat for the record. I object.

  • Ian

    God, so many judgemental uptight queens on this story! Those getting all bent out of shape come across like the fag version of Mormons and right wingers who go on and ON about US! The fact that you don’t see it just shows what prissy “I’m better than so-&-so” ass-hats you are.

    I bet just like all those closeted Republican Congressmen getting caught sucking dick all the time that the prissy queens who are railing are just desperate to want to suck Tim’s junk & swallow that “gross” spooge themselves.

    Hypocritical losers.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually I don’t object to anyone getting their jollies this way so long as no one is hurt. If it’s not to your liking the thing to do is not click on the link.

    And if we want to talk about disorders that might require an intervention I think a phobia of others’ body fluids is a bit more unhealthy than indulging one’s desires.

    After all, I am sure some of the door handles you grab in the course of the day have been touched by fingers that have been in crotches or up nostrils. A wiped down desk is the least of your worries.

  • EWE

    @Ian: sorry, hes not even my type. But it is quite obvious your tired argument to placate young white boys remains in full gear.

  • EWE

    @strumpetwindsock: Dear Mary Louise:
    Clicking on this link and sharing about a classroom desk full of cum in a Hawaiian school are two different things. You must be in denial if you think the subject of bodily fluids does not cause concern for a bit of discretion. Either you are blessed beyond belief or completely ignorant of history. Probably both. You actually happen to be the least of my worries.

  • EWE

    There is nothing consensual going on between the school administration and Tuggy.

  • hardmannyc

    DR: Choi and his organizations backing him can take care of himself. We all need to band together to protect this poor young man, isolated on the Hawaiian Islands, who is having his right to self-expression taken away! Loss of freedom for one is loss of freedom for all.

    And to G.K.: If you are cute, please go out and masturbate in public and show the world the GOOD that your generation can do. If you’re out of shape and ugly, get political.

  • MP

    This dude is literally living in a fantasy world of his creation. First of all, the claims that his actions were a result of his anarchist beliefs is not only comical, but indeed delusional. I encourage him to find a TRUE anarchist, and I bet you they would laugh in his face. Just because you read a paragraph about in an obscure text and think “wow! that’s cool!” doesn’t make you an anarchist. It makes you a douche.

    His references that those who don’t agree with him are somehow the guardians of an outdated and obsolete system are nearly as comical as his claim to be an anarchist. This situation has nothing to do with tolerance, or gay rights, or even some unattractive guy trying to get his 15 minutes of fame (sorry man, there is no snooze button) – it has EVERYTHING to do with respecting the rights of others. The freedom of expression isn’t a blank check to disregard the repercussions our actions may have on others. “Alternative viewpoints” are great – they help us move forward – but where is his political statement? How does jerking off to get attention improve society? How does it help those without a voice?

    The fact that he would even attach racism or prejudice to explain his actions serves no purpose other than to cheapen the memory of those who have fought, spoke, and died for the very rights he is now hiding behind. He’s no Dr. King, and he’s certainly no Dan Choi. He’s a douche.

    And kid, if the only way you can get attention is jerking off in a public university, then you have bigger issues to address than what people write on a blog.

    Cancel my subscription, I’m over his issues.

  • EWE

    @MP: You are so correct. I doubt all these commenters that think he is some great emancipator can grasp the real fact that this type of illegal behavior is why jail cells have vacancies available. Jerk off in front of a camera on your own damn property and no one will care or complain.

  • damon459

    @DR: wow 6.5 is hung now damn I must have an python in my pants lol I agree with everyone else who called you a prude. Have you been on a college campus recently ? I’m 31 yrs old and I can tell you there are some crazy sexual things going on at the universities jacking off on a desk is boring compared to what I have seen and heard about right here in hickville Montana the only difference is this kid got himself caught by posting it online for all to see.

  • Yuki

    I personally think he should have sanitized the surface afterward, but I have very little problem with him doing anything on the desk.

  • EWE

    @damon459: @Yuki: What is it about “public place” and “indecency” that you don’t comprehend? This is not a kiss between two guys on a park bench and there really is no defense. It’s illegal sweetie. Ask anyone.

  • EWE

    @damon459: And who cares what other illegal goes on on college campuses. 99.9% of students are full fledged adult human beings subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

  • EWE

    And there are plenty of young people who cannot afford to go to college and in no way have the permission or slacker attitude to jerk off on the McDonalds counter where they work to feed themselves. They would be fired. As in CANNED. Later. Get out now. Call the police. Fines and REAL PROBATION. Grow up.

  • •? Dwy. Ann ?

    WOW HE’S BRAVE ENOUGH, EVERYTIME WHEN I SEE AN EMPTY CLASS, I ALWAYS THINK “IT’LL BE GREAT TO MAKE LOVE IN THERE”..LOL i know my college and where the good place to be naughty :D
    but record ur self on the video, aww that suck and sick!!

    well u got it TIM, and u’ll be ashamed! at least he’s only masturbate not having sex!

    p.s. anyone know his account in xtube, i wanna watch :D

  • me

    I’m still glad he showed his feet!


    None of you who are defending what this clown did as “no harm, no foul” would be doing so if he were 20 years older, 100 lbs. heavier, and had a 4″ dick. I’m not a prude, you all are just shallow kooks.

    Point blank:
    his exposing himself in a school classroom and masturbating atop a desk was totally stupid. It was indecent, unsanitary…and illegal. That he was allowed to get away with this virtually unscathed is lunacy. Not only should this idiot have been expelled for what he did, he should be awaiting a court date for such an infraction. If nothing else, I hope this at least goes on his permanent record so that his perspective employers will have a heads up on what this idiot is prone to doing when he thinks no one is around to see.

    I wonder what does he do for an encore…go to the cafeteria, and take a dump on the lunch table?

    There’s no logical way to defend what this kid did, so don’t even try it. Everyone masturbates. I do it. You do it. We all do it. Decent people, however, do it in the privacy of their own home, or in the homes of those who approve. To call it basic common sense/courtesy to not jerk off in an open classroom and ejaculate on private property — that other students use — is understatement.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually if you read my comments I DO defend anyone’s right to do this so long as he or she cleans up afterwards. It has nothing to do with how cute he is.

    There are plenty of straights who are grossed out at the thought of what we do. And on the other side there are plenty of people who DO enjoy indulging their kinks and watching others do so.

    We have plenty of real fights on our hands. Getting all sqeamish and judgmental about this is not only a distraction, it gives others justification for treating us the same way.

    Last time I checked most cruising spots were located in public places – much more public than a classroom behind closed doors.

  • F

    Thank god he’s really hot… the guy really needs to have something going for him. I eat at my desk when I need to get work done, please don’t jizz on public property.

    Maybe now he’ll get that porn deal he surely needs. I’m glad they retracted the “If you see him, do not approach him” thing, it made him sound like he was a serial killer. Disproportionate, surely.

    But yeah there is a time and a place for everything. College classrooms can be enough of a torture chamber (didn’t have time for breakfast, couldn’t sleep, boiling hot day or freezing cold day, boring subject matter and a sarcastic teacher, we’ve all been there), without knowing someone has rubbed one out on where you are sitting.

  • moo

    What a cock.

  • alan brickman

    if this guy was straight…he would have been expelled…

  • romeo

    @ F #97: If you went to any university in California, then you’d be out of luck cause just about guaranteed somebody rubbed one out where you’re sitting. People do unspeakable things unbeknownst. LOL

    Nothing unspeakable about ol’ Tim, though. He can rub one out on my desk anytime.

  • EWE

    @strumpetwindsock: You are the distracted one. Public places are exactly that. I know you tend to want to make a distinction but there is none. Those against jerking off on a desk in a taxpaid university are equally against public sex in a park toilet or bush. You are one misguided tart.

  • EWE

    @romeo: Operative word is “YOUR” desk. The whole issue is public property and too many on this thread just can’t admit that very important detail. Instead they want to turn it around and make it about gay rights. Gay rights my asshole.

  • beverlyheels

    “I’m an anarchist”? seriously? oi vey. if he knew what he was talking about maybe i could take his justifications seriously. however, he’s just giving a bad name to the entire idea of anarchy (and sexual revolution for that matter, and he seems like he fancies himself a sexual revolutionary).

    on anarchy: he fails to realize anarchy would devolve into savagery without respect for those around us. anarchy is the absence of a centralized ruling power (governments); not the absence of respect for others. i will be labeled (along with the other sensible ones) a prude for finding this inappropriate. however, as a student myself, i would no sooner want to study at a desk that had been defecated on than i would a desk that had been jizzed on (or covered in a woman’s fluids). furthermore, he’s obviously misunderstood the idea of “lack of property.” lack of property in anarchism does not mean i’m going to go out and use everyone’s toothbrush. it means that the means of production, sustenance, etc. and so on are publicly owned; not that i can go jizz on my neighbor’s couch.

    on sexual revolution: proper sexual conduct should be between consenting adults capable of consenting under their own agency and free of coercion or duress. myself, and many many others, would not consent to having something we are required to use jizzed on. i don’t know where this boy has been or what is floating around in his jizz. beyond that, just, ew. i hope the burgeoning sexual revolution is more about respect than blatant stupidity. his idea of tolerance is skewed as well. i feel sorry for his lack of humanity if he is able to be tolerant of widespread genocide or rape.

    lastly, if he thinks the fight for rights is useless then he is an idiot. we do not have these rights he claims we do. we are bodies (and minds) that live within structures that define our autonomy, safety, worth, and so on. i wonder if he has ever met a working class transperson or someone from a similar structural and social position, because i think his tone would change.

    evidently (and this is only reinforced by the fact that this is posted on Queerty, which, imo, is pretty far from “queer” and closer to “we cater to gay, fit, and primarily white upper class men”) this is another case of structurally affirmed, white, middle-upper class, “good looking”, cismale bullshit.

  • Esurb

    If anyone knows any bio info on Tim, please send me the links.

  • Mike

    @DR: I admit. I’m a black guy. The ONLY reason I support him IS because he’s BLOND. He’s pure white. Who doesn’t want to see his lily white bum and pink cock? If this was some hideous thug or some hairy outta shape white dude. I probably wouldn’t care.

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