Spike The YouTube Dolphin Dancer Is To Anne Frank As Sarah Palin Is To Paul Revere

Except Sarah Palin wasn’t kidding when she got her Paul Revere facts wrong. And ultimately maybe Spike’s tale of Anne Frank and her previously unknown hiding-from-Nazis abilities isn’t wrong either. Who can say? It’s a big world of competing ideas out there.

When you finish learning seriously accurate Ken Burns-level history events from Spike (not to spoil it too much before you watch it but it involves the Frank family living it up in a wine cellar until sometime in the 1950s) you should go to his channel and experience all his other dance-related videos and special thoughts. The perfect way to kill the rest of your afternoon at work.


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  • Clamydia Jones

    Lawd have mercy, dis mans be bat shit crazy.

  • SteveC

    Oh. My. Cher!!!!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    I’m no fan of the woman, but it’s too funny to watch the left go apeshit whenever Sarah Palin—an official nobody—does or says anything . . . and yet they’re strangely silent when Obama makes a gaffe like stating there are 57 states. Silly libs: Your Palin obsession has become laughable. Take Bo Peep’s advice: Leave her alone and she will go home.

  • Nat

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    One’s a slip of the tongue. The other is the demonstration of vast historical ignorance from someone who drapes themselves in patriotic imagery. They’re only comparable in that they’re both wrong. But it’s the details – the reason why they’re wrong – that matters.

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