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St. Louis Cardinals Keep Kiss Cam Heterosexual, Incestuous

Well so much for the Great Baseball Kiss Cam Experiment Of 2010. The St. Louis Cardinals, after refusing to guarantee they’d put the gays up on the jumbotron during “OUT At The Ballpark” on Saturday, refused to put the gays up on the jumbotron.

Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” blared. There were old couples, young couples, oblivious couples. But, on this day at least, no same-sex couples.

So were the gays — some 200 of which attended the game — upset the Cardinals obviously usurped their efforts to recruit baseball fans into the homosexual lifestyle?

And, really, that seemed OK with the folks from Pride St. Louis, the local gay rights and advocacy organization that had about 200 members at the game, at least some of whom were hoping for a same-sex moment on the Kiss Cam.

It was meaningful enough that the Cardinals even approached the group about a bulk-ticket purchase a few months back, said Ethan Barnett, a Pride board member who organized the event, called “OUT at the Ballpark.” Just a handful of other Major League Baseball teams have held similar events, and it was a first in St. Louis.

“We’re really excited about it,” Barnett said. “It’s the first time the Cardinals have gone so far as to look us up as a community and approach us. Everyone’s been welcoming.”

So who did make the Kiss Cam?

And indeed, when the moment came, in the middle of the second inning, the Kiss Cam scene was all heterosexual couples, aside from one young man and his mother. Then Sonny and Cher quieted down and it was on with the game.

And it’s like: Of course the thing is sponsored by Best Buy.


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  • jason

    You mean there were only 200 gays at the match? Going on Kinsey’s study, I’d say that 80% of all the men at the match are at least bisexually oriented. Almost all of the guys who were with their wives and girlfriends at this match have fantasized sexually about men at some stage in their lives.

    To relegate male-male sexuality to 200 self-proclaimed gays is truly an abomination. Male-male sexuality extends far, far beyond trendy social labels and self-segregating activist groups.

  • Roger

    Ironically sponsored by best buy

  • Mike in Asheville

    @No. 1 Jason

    Jason, are you for real or what? Have you actually bothered to read either of the Kinsey reports? In the report on male sexuality, the results showed that 46% of males reacted sexually to both sexes (ie., bi-vibes) while 37% of males had engaged in 1 sexual experience with another male. That means 54% have NO bi-vibes and 63% never had a sexual encounter with another man.

    Kinsey’s analysis of data suggested that 11-12% of males ranked as “3” on the Kinsey scale (equally gay/straight, as in bi). The number of males reported as Kinsey scale “5” and “6” (mostly gay and exclusively gay) was 10%.

    And nowhere was it suggested that the 200 members of Pride St. Louis were the exclusive representative of the gays attending.

    Last, I’ve been to plenty of baseball GAMES, some of my favorite memories of father-son time with my dad, along with attending football games too. For MATCHES, we’d take in the Transamerica Tennis tournament in SF for some good Conners/McEnroe MATCHES.

  • RomanHans

    And so the world was safe to watch muscular young men run around chasing stuff before taking a shower together.

  • Andy

    @jason: Sorry, Jason. Gays are just 2% of the population. That of the first twelve Roman emperors only one was exclusively heterosexual is just a big coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • McMike

    @Mike in Asheville: Um, do you maybe live in the present world and not the 1940’s? The 37% number comes from a study almost 100 years old and things have changed BIG time since then.

    Sorry, but go find a good looking gay man and ask him how many guys cruise him when no one else is around. The classic aspect is the guy who is most likely to cruise him is one who’s girlfriend is looking the other way.

    Any good looking gay guy will tell you about 80% of the guys cruise him and it’s the so-called straight guys who cruise him the most.

  • McMike

    @Andy: Wow, you really don’t have a clue, do you?

    Here, let me ask you a question and be honest:

    When was the last time ANYONE cruised you? It’s amazing people who couldn’t get laid even with a crisp $50 dollar bill and one extremely desperate prostitute somehow believe they know what percentage of people are sleeping with any given group.

    Sorry, but Jason is 100% right. IMO, people are way to quick to define “gay” and “straight”. The percentage of men who could easily be talked into it, so easily you don’t even need words to do it, is getting closer to 100% every single day. has had 2 different male sexuality surveys in the past year or so and the first one had only 20% of men reporting “100% straight” and the most recent one, done about a month ago, had that number at 15.

    btw, it’s a bit odd someone, like you, is on a gay site since we NEVER hear any out and proud homosexual say gays only make up 2% of the population.

    btw, QUEERTY, get a grip on your rating system since since, if there are others like me, you’re about to lose a lot of readers but enabling one or two people to dictate who gets censored and who doesn’t. I have seen way too many comments lately that are hidden which couldn’t have been more spot-on with their comments.

  • kenny

    *scoffs* I can just see Best Buy now: score one for us! I just keep thinking to myself that hopefully years down the road and hopefully sooner then that us being gay or kissing in public or being married will not even be an issue.Sadly bigotry ignorance and hatred are a constant in this world.But many years ago there was segregation people who were from different races were allowed to be married and raise their own families.It just goes to show that no matter what archaic laws or unconstitutional amendments that succeed eventually they too will be a thing of the past.

    The past is an example of how things changed and we just have to find a way to keep hope alive that it still can change now.

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