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More and more straight men can’t get enough of this stimulating backdoor activity

Pegging. It’s not just for gay men. More and more straight guys aren’t just getting into the act, they’re, ahem, opening up about it to others. A new article published by Sunday World takes a deep dive into the not-so-new phenomenon sweeping the straight community.

27-year-old Kamogelo describes the first time he brought up the topic with his girlfriend.

“I told her I wanted to be penetrated with a dildo,” he recalls.

She immediately wanted to know if he was gay.

“I assured her I would not be with her if I were gay,” Kamogelo says. “I just enjoy sex when I’m being penetrated.”

“When she did it, I reached climax in the most satisfactory manner. I have never felt like that before; it was amazing.”

Another man named Keegan says first tried pegging himself with a sex toy in an effort to better understand what the experience of sex was like for his girlfriend.

“It is just the feeling of wanting to feel how women feel when we are inside them,” he says. “I wanted to know how deep should I go to reach her G-spot.”

After giving it a few tries, Keegan says, it quickly became “addictive.”

“I won’t lie though. After that experience, I wanted to feel like that often, but I never ever considered exploring it with men. I bought myself a dildo and started using it [on myself].”

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He continues, “I hid it from my girlfriend because when we spoke about our fantasies and I mentioned a woman penetrating me, she cringed, so I left it alone.”

Eventually, Keegan turned to other men to fulfill his deep-seated need to be pegged.

“For me it is about filling the sexual void,” he reflects. “It is just sad because when you talk about it with some friends think you are gay. I believe not all straight guys who sleep with gay guys are gay. Gay guys just give us what our girlfriends do not want to give us.”

But Keegan is hardly the first guy to become “addicted” to pegging. Phindile Ngubane says her ex-boyfriend’s extreme fondness for the activity eventually “suffocated our relationship.”

“I loved him a lot, so you can imagine that I did everything I could to make our sex life interesting and fulfilling,” she recalls.

Eventually, however, she “got tired” because “he wanted nothing else.”

“One day, I asked him that we should go back to our missionary position and he refused,” she says.

Looking back, Ngubane says she always wondered if perhaps her boyfriend was gay. She no longer thinks so, though, as he is “still with a woman and they are married with kids.”


Sexpert Dr P. Ratshabedi has written and spoken about pegging extensively. Though he enjoys relationships with women, he says he used to frequent gay bars and clubs just to be around other guys who wouldn’t judge him for his fantasies.

“It had nothing to do with being gay or hiding my sexuality,” he says. “As men we have fantasies. I have been in a situation where I wanted to have sex with three women. I had the chance to live that fantasy. I asked that they penetrate me using their fists.”

He considers pegging a “sexual preference,” and one that has been around since the dawn of time.

“There are even gay women who enjoy being penetrated, does that make them straight women? No.” he says. “It is a sexual preference.”

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h/t: Sunday World

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  • Dymension

    I just don’t know what to think of this. As a gay man, bottoming is something that always differentiated us from straight men. We have been ridiculed for so long wanting to take it up the rear, and now straight men get a pass?


    • imperator

      It was wrong when we were (/are) ridiculed for it, that doesn’t mean the ridicule should continue and extend to straight guys for it– it means it should stop for everybody.

    • silveroracle

      God that’s hot.

  • niles

    When straight men rediscover their own a/holes, heaven help us all.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Or at least their sexual partners.

  • Paco

    So I have a chance at being more sexually desirable to a straight man than women now? Are the gay fantasies finally coming true?

    • Paco

      I hope they learn how to douche first because I’m not teaching it.

    • Josh447

      Yeah we get it Frank

  • Jaxton

    Pegging shmeggng – it’s been around since the dinosaur. Not new at all, so cut the “we’re so innovative” crap.

    The only thing you need to remember is that it smells.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Jax if it smells you are doing it wrong,

  • MikeE

    oh look! another article about straight guys by Graham Gremore.
    Surprise. not.

    • Knight

      LOL!!! Exactly. Well…I’m sure it was either this or yet another one on “masculinity shaming”.

  • GayEGO

    Prostrate stimulation is known to be enjoyed by straight men, even with a tongue!

  • cloggedchakra

    Who cares what straight people do? If they like it in their ass that much they are more gay than they want to admit, only men have penises. Like women are not funny enough imagine them with strap on and their weak hips lol.

    • cloggedchakra

      I laughed, lol

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      homo and hetero phobic, and misogynistic a troll hat trick congtats.

    • David Myers

      PinkoOfTheGrange certainly has your number . . . what are you . . . a TROLL? Just trying to get attention by irritating people? How pathetic.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Who clogged your chakra? And with what? Does it hurt? Did you need lube? Is that a sort of cosmic “pegging”?

    • cloggedchakra

      Clogged with an organic penis

  • OzJosh

    The layers of unchallenged bullcrap in this article are really quite amazing. Like the guy who says he just wanted to know what a woman felt so he’d then know how deep to go to hit her g-spot. Yeah, like the male anatomy is in any way comparable. Good luck finding her prostate!

  • QJ201

    He’s not gay unless he wants the d*ck in his mouth

    • cloggedchakra

      Having penis in your asshole is the gayest thing you can do. I know even some closet complexed gays who date only muscular women. lol

  • dwes09

    Neither the term “pegging” nor the act is new. The only new thing is people talking about it in less secretive ways.
    I recall going into a porn shop in Times Square. It was 1969, I had just turned 18, and it was it way before Times Square transformed from that odd combination of theaters, porn ships, dive bars and rampant prostitution (both male and female) into a Disney theme park. I was fascinated by a mag simply titled “Women Fisting Men” whose cover showed a woman in hetero fetish gear (push up bra, corset, spike heels, stockings/garter belt) with her forearm buried in the butt of a rather sheepish looking pudgy man.
    I read once that the term pegging goes back several centuries, but who knows if that is true.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    Pegging is a sex act preference not a sexual preference. Unless something is being lost in translation from UK to US English.

  • Creamsicle

    When I figured out how to have an aneros super orgasm I realized that I’d been bottoming with only a fraction of the fulfillment the entire time. I genuinely think that it’s a form of pleasure that every man should experience, because it taught me that sex doesn’t stop at my dick. I think a lot of men, gay and straight, would benefit from lifting the taboo on anal stimulation and learning how to find ultimate pleasure by themselves.

    Seriously, an aneros session and some weed is probably the best thing I do for myself every year around Christmas time while my roommate is away for the holiday.

    • stevetalbert

      For this i had to log in to reply. It was the weed.

    • Knight

      Anything that requires drugs or alcohol to enhance your pleasure in ANY aspect (but especially during sex) should be a red flag for you right there that something is wrong with your life. Just saying.

    • Creamsicle

      Knight, the weed just makes me relaxed and horny and speeds up the process. I’ve had 3-hour long aneros sessions while stone cold sober, and had a ton do fun that way as well. I try to relegate my aneros sessions to only once every few months because I could see myself quickly becoming obsessed with it. Also, it makes it into a treat for special occasions.

  • jd.cali

    Lol. There’s nothing about this article or the article the author refers to that notes there more and more “straight” men are into being or penetrated. It’s just an article about it.

    • Knight

      Welcome to queerty… ; )

  • Jack Meoff

    People criticise Queerty and Graham Gremore for their obsession with straight men yet these articles always seem to garner the most comments. Seems there is logic to their actions since they rely on clicks to get advertisers.

    • Frank


    • Brody

      Fair point.

  • Knight

    I have many arguments with guys who identify 100% as straight but who also go off on how much the like getting “pegged”. I’m more than aware of the power of the prostate (I’m a master at “hitting the spot” at the right angles and and have made more guys climax without touching themselves than I can count on my hands and feet). But it’s one thing for a guy to want his prostate stimulated (which can even be achieved without any penetration) and another to desire the feeling of a simulated penis thrusting inside oneself. In other words, if a straight guy just wants anal stimulation, there’s a lot of less intrusive ways to achieve it without having his girlfriend strap one on. IMHO, the only reason a guy wants to simulate the feeling of being penetrated by a penis, is because he really wants to be penetrated by a penis.

    • Sam6969

      Or they do not consider it as a penis…
      You see it as a penis, but they may see it as just a mean for their girlfriend to reach their prostate. Nothing viril about that “thing” it in their mind.
      Only those straight guys can tell us.

    • Knight

      Sam are you a top? You cannot apply much pressure to a man’s penis by strapping a latex dildo on and simply feign having sex. In fact, I’d argue there is a lot more damage that can occur that way. If one is to “hit the spot” you need to use it like an instrument. And like I said, there are other devices that are shaped NOTHING like a penis that are MUCH smaller and better at reaching the prostate.

  • Brody

    obsession (n); ub-SES-shun:
    an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind;
    the state of being obsessed with someone or something;
    the Queerty preoccupation with heterosexual men ditching the bitch to make the switch.


    Breaking the automatic assumption of this practice with male homosexuality would be an unalloyed good thing, at least for those of us who find this act entirely alien to their nature.

    • SiamSam

      It’s fascinating to me the straight men revolted by male anal sex like doing the nasty with their girlfriend. Why is it disgusting in the first case but desirable in the second? Male or female, a rectum is a rectum.

  • VentiBlue

    I don’t know what to think about this. I guess gay guys have taken the flack for butt stuff but when it comes to straight people in evangelical minds gays have the monopoly on butt stuff.

    Never mind that if it did cause incontinence, they’d have drugstores stocked up in gay neighborhoods everywhere and Depends would be flying off the shelves

  • darren michaels

    I am so tired of the constant discussions related to an individual’s preferences or personal choices sexually. Over a course of time, we as humans have grown and developed with some parts of our bodies benefiting us a great deal and some not at all. For example, pubic hair is understood to have grown where it does resulting in it protecting our genitals from bacteria and other potential dangers.
    So my question it not possible that the prostate is where it is and does what it does because maybe being penetrated might not have been such a foreign activity as so many men would like to think.
    I have always believed that the majority of guys would not be quite so bothered by anal sex if it didn’t immediately result in they’re thinking of being gay. Sexuality is meant to be fun and feels good and if getting it in the back provides both why are social stigmas and labels of others holding us back from something we enjoy. I have never doubted men LOVE other men providing oral, it seems only reasonable a guy would know what works and what doesn’t.

  • mz.sam

    A ridiculous article/report…can’t even consider it junk science.

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